Mega Thread Count to a million

CTAM after 1 million  

59 members have voted

  1. 1. What should happen after 1 million is reached?

    • Start over at 1
    • Keep counting to infinity (count to the next million(s))
    • Count back down to 1 (then back up)
    • Other (pm or mention if you'd like)

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That's good to hear Dawn

And, fine, just a little tired

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9 hours ago, shyabetes3939 said:

I'm doing very well, thank you for asking. Celebrating my birthday tomorrow!

That's great to hear :)

Celebrating your birthday already? :ooh:

Your profile says 10/12/2002... so your birthday is either next friday (if you use US notation like I'd assume) or in some time in December :P

Or you lied :umad:


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