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Mega Thread Count to a million

CTAM after 1 million  

150 users have voted

  1. 1. What should happen after 1 million is reached?

    • Start over at 1
    • Keep counting to infinity (count to the next million(s))
    • Count back down to 1 (then back up)
    • Other (pm or mention if you'd like)

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I'm surprised this forum doesn't yet have a count to a million game. The forum I've used to visit quite often is up to 74000ish, and that was about five years ago.These first few posts you make will b

1,000,000/ 100 = 10,000 √10,000 = 100 100/ 5 = 20 20 = My post number You posted one ahead of me, Therefore your post is actually 19.     20

200K, The final page!  Congrats on 10,000 pages CtaM!  

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Yep, though that's 147.  :P


I'm good thanks for asking.  :)


My internet went down which is why I haven't been on here.  :(

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thy internet was down? i wilt say that is a sorrowful nonce to befall thou mine dear cater-cousin. i doth hope thou delv'd into the literature of shakespeare during that unfortunate time. 


i believe we art the only ones hither at this moment but we art nay longer two f'r upon thy arrival we art anon three! 

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i doth wonder what adventure sir snapp takes upon his shoulders f'r which he couldst not grace us with his presence. 

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Shoddy internet certainly isn't very good though..

I have to deal with it constantly these days!  :eww:

Doesn't help when there are 2 other people Youtube-ing!  :wacko:


Snapp has been coming any going lately. He's a drifter.

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crimson cross thou may take this unforunate nonce and turn it into something of glorious pursuit. the books of shakespeare art much a welcom'd thing what ne'd of the internet when thou hast the literature of shakespeare himself to delve within. 


game angel hath been reading. i wilt say that ye art one of the written word. 

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Well I had the Hitchhikers Guide, so it wasn't that bad.  The worst part was the lack of TV, since I watch most of my shows on the internet.


Also the lack of communication.  :(

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Lack of communication. I'd be dead from that, without a doubt.

One whole week is bad enough!  ^_^


Hitchikers Guide to the galaxy is alright, I watched the movie recently.. Kinda.. I was on the forums while I was meant to be watching it in all honesty..  :toldya:

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communicate with the written word mine cater-cousin game angel it lives and breaths from its abode of leav'd parchment. thou ne'd only hark. may i also add that the hitchhikers guide is also on mine list of tomes too. 

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I haven't seen the movie since it was in theatres, but at the time I hadn't read the books.


And yeah, even my new smartphone was useless without internet.  :(


And is it talk like Shakespear Day?  I thought it was in May?

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