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Mega Thread Count to a million

CTAM after 1 million  

134 users have voted

  1. 1. What should happen after 1 million is reached?

    • Start over at 1
    • Keep counting to infinity (count to the next million(s))
    • Count back down to 1 (then back up)
    • Other (pm or mention if you'd like)

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I'm surprised this forum doesn't yet have a count to a million game. The forum I've used to visit quite often is up to 74000ish, and that was about five years ago.These first few posts you make will b

1,000,000/ 100 = 10,000 √10,000 = 100 100/ 5 = 20 20 = My post number You posted one ahead of me, Therefore your post is actually 19.     20

200K, The final page!  Congrats on 10,000 pages CtaM!  

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Hey Rarit-Ice, your Hamster's been de-dis-corded! :D


*Huggles Rarit-Ice and Hamster*


@Namsdrows: Hmmmmm...... I suppose that I could try this funderful game of yours if you so wishedy-wishly-wish. :pinkie:


@Snowy Pinny: My heart stopped when I saw that picture of Pinkie(mena)......

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Hey Rarit-Ice, your Hamster's been de-di-corded! :D


*Huggles Rarit-Ice and Hamster*


Yup, you can now see him in all his blue-y glory! :D 

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It's funny how quickly two people can count if you get the right ones :)

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Silk brocade super fancy handmade waistcoat: $90

Cotton shirt: 110$





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