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No god no.

They're one of the bands (like Slipknot and GWAR) that I find stereotyping the genre of metal.


-Fans being underaged white teenagers living in middle class families

-Nonsensical violence for nonsensical reasons

-Nu metal. Fucking Nu-Metal! It died in 2002!

-Try to exploit an image in an interesting way but wind up just being a deterrent.

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The responses this has gotten is making me sad.


Not a Juggalo, but I am down with the clown. a lot of my friends are Juggalos, so I hear their music a lot. some of its pretty good. Cant say I support the whole "Evil and murder" message of a lot of it, but its good music none-the-less.


The music isn't the only thing being a Juggalo is about BTW. There is a strong "Family/Community" message involved.

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I can't ever be a juggalo, as I completely understand the functions of magnets. However, there's a juggalette at the gas station where I work, so it would be easy for me to make the transition. And I already listen to a lot of rap involving clowns.

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