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In the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons there is a bit of irony.


In SatAM Sonic where Sonic himself should be more serious he doesn't take things seriously enough and it sometimes totally screws up a mission (though not as bad as Antoine lol)


Sonic is sometimes made out to be a stupid person even where when the thinking needs to be done he doesn't do it and will jeopardize a mission for a simple chili dog.


On the other hand, in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog where things are more of a cartoony and silly nature, Sonic always seems to know what he's doing and never truly jeopardizes a mission for something trivial.


Maybe it's just because of the contrast of the type of enemies they are fighting in each respective cartoon but it seems to me like their roles should be reversed. The Sonic that should always know what he's doing should be in SatAM and the one who's always goofing off (though gets things done in the end) should be in AoStH.


Let's totally disregard the comics where they actually address Sonic's much too whimsical attitude towards things directly. Strictly speaking of the cartoons.


What do you think on the matter?

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For those who hasn't seen the comparison between AoStH and SatAM, must see this:



It made me watch the entire SatAM series for the first time, and it was pretty much FIM back in 1993.


So in Sonic X, Sonic is just laying on the roof of Chris's house until all the side characters have gotten into trouble, then he saves the day. Very annoying "hero".


And in Sonic (the movie), he is all cute and we should feel sorry for him...


...to have to move to a mushroom planet


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