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Fan Fiction A Section Of My Fanfic That I'm Currently Writing

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This is from Rainbow Dash's 20% cooler new fanfic. There's going to be three versions of the story. The basic edition, the dashing edition, and the shy edition. But technically the dashing edition is going to be the "official" version.


Travis and tomorrow Thunderhoof my name was going to be my eighteenth birthday. It is not as you would be able to leave home for the first time I ever, my eighteenth birthday, are major problems. Well, let me explain this. As a baby, my parents abandoned me, I raise the princess was discovered by me later. Princess, but because I was afraid of how to react to her kingdom if they see me, or she was 18 years old and I'm ready, I'm home until the full or what not allowed to get out. Today, she was going to announce my presence in the kingdom of her official. You may now wonder why such a big deal for me to hide from the public. I found the princess, the princess Celestia, Equestria, leader of the land so colorful pony story, well, that is.

Yeah, I'm a human life in a strange world full of ponies. However, Celestia has been kept from seeing any other pony in one but yourself. But I know a lot about the other ponies. They are calling these things a mark or marks obtained dwarf-chan when you discover the hidden talents of their pony. For example, if a pony is good at making music, their cutie marks will be related to music symbols and music. And I, three different racing ponies, flying Pegasus ponies, magic unicorn pony, the pony was found and regularly. I know that there are some other strange creatures that live in Equestria, including the zebra and baby dragon again. Of course, where I come from, is it normal zebra in Equestria, they are different, as the pony.

You may think you've done for years have been deposited on the inside of one place I have. It really is not as bad as expected. Celestia can spell out, in order that I can generate a number of different settings and different things. But I always had my Celestia was wondering why I decided to wait until age 18 to meet the ponies. I, and I had a lot of time to study both the pony and understand human life in Equestria obtained through easily. But I can not discuss what they want to do for me is I can not Celestia.

Celestia suddenly opened the door. She was nervous and I was kind of reluctant to guess looking, saw a little off.

"Well," she said, "I think I'm off for an important announcement."

"Great," I said, "How do I do it."

Over time, it was almost like a home that is not the Celestia. Just like I was trying to pass completely, Celestia walked to knock Login

"It's going to take?" I asked.

"Remarkably well," she "looked like everyone was shocked," he said.

"Well," I said, "You have to be very kind and forgiving, so we tell them, should not be shocking."

She said, "I think" "But I was expecting more of a reaction."

"Twilight something I have to say?" I asked.

Twilight Sparkle the pony's only other about what I knew. She is a student of personal and Celestia's really smart pony unicorn.

"She looks a bit so fascinated by your presence," she, "I ought to read this moment she is probably human." Please

"Another interesting reaction?" I asked.

"Well, one pony Pegasus says Fluttershy visible nervous," she "Fluttershy than usual and that is almost always very nervous, more nervous," he said.

"I was a big deal even if you strung a somepony that freaked always guess not," I "Hopefully, she will be afraid too much of because I do not, we can become friends," said other.

"Yes," Celestia, "but, for the big day tomorrow, better take some rest."

"I will," I said.

Soreto Celestia and left. I go to sleep, when he said, I lied. I stayed all night thinking that it can meet the other pony I finally. If the house had been there for me, I was wondering if you Celestia planned to keep her life with me yet. And all my little questions was going to answer in a few hours.

And then, after a few hours. I was shocked by his appearance, caused by the pony does not look any bit knights. He guided me as hallways, we passed several other ponies had a shocked look. At this point, I was beginning to be nervous from the shock. I can cause any problems for any of the pony, too many were hoping that they do not freak. Why wait until I have benefited from what I really do not understand 18.

When I got out, Celestia was waiting for me in the wagon pulled by a Pegasus Knight. I was riding a horse-drawn carriage was waiting to leave.

"I am part of the Equestria which you decided that you want to be able to choose where you live," she said.

"What I want anywhere?" I asked.

"There are a few exceptions," she, "for example, you can stay up to Cloudsdale the only Pegasus ponies," he said.

"Well ... I want to live in Ponyville," I said.

"I expected," she said.

Then we flew off. I looked down, Equestria was such a beautiful place. I mean what it seemed to Ponyville, to get the house did not take too long. I resigned for my new home and went outside.

As she began to fly, "have fun" Celestia said.

If you can I jump on her, she wondered why we need a moment of such carriage. And I am resigned to the inside of my new house. It's like a house of your average human, saw, or at least from what I studied. As I was about to sit on a chair, I heard someone knocking on my door. I opened the door and saw a purple unicorn pony with a nice shine cutie mark.

"Hello," she said, "I'm Sparkle Twilight." Cheerfully said


And that's all I got for now. I really hope you enjoyed this masterpiece.

Edited by Rainbow Dash

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I approve of this. Pretty rad. Reminds me of Spiderses.

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It felt like I was listening to a glitchy recording of something. If this is for satirical purposes, then rock on dude! lol

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I just printed it off. This is going to be my new bedtime story.

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I give this my A+ Scooting approval! Keep it going!

Thank you very much Scootaloo.

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