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Hello there

Its nice to meet you all~

I'm new to the forums and I heard about this place from friends I met at BronyCAN


I have been a Brony (yes, a girl that wants to be called a brony)

for about 2 years i believe

I haven't really kept track.. xD'


BronyCAN was NOOOT my first con at all

I have been to about 4 Anime Cons

So Im used to the con things. Whoop 

But this con is the best


I am a dancer. Been dancing for ever since I was 4 years old

I am a wanna-be singer, voice actor, cosplayer, and artist in this community.

 Im not really sure what I want to do in this fandom but I want to get involved with it. Wanna be a part of all the talenty things!





I'm a lot like Pinkie and Derpy mashed into one xD

But at times I can be like Fluttershy


Oh hard to believe that if you met me at BronyCan xD

Im not joking about the whole Fluttershy thing



I dont want to drag this on too much








And thats how Equestria was made!


~ Pinkie Pie



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Heya! Welcome to the largest growing pony community forum on the interwebz, Pinkalicious :D I take it that must be you in your avatar, then? Great hair! It's also great to see people checking us out after Feld0's little trip to MooseCon, which I'm sure was fun.


I'm CD, self-proclaimed biggest Spitfire & Discord fan around here, as well as a sleep-deprived staff person and fanfic writer. Should you ever have any questions regarding anything, feel more than encouraged to go over to the Site Questions & Tech Support section to ask questions, and to take a look over the FAQ & Resource Map for a library's worth of information about the site, and some cool tips and tricks about things.




I hope you come to treat this place as just as much a home as the rest of us do! Seeya around, and enjoy yourself. Just try not to trample anyone when having 'Fun!' parades :P


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Hi there welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay and meet new friends :)

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Hey, welcome!

I´m sure you´re gonna like it here, it´s an awesome place with unbelievably friendly, random and funny people everywhere (and lots of amazing artists!).

I´ve been a Brony for just about a year and haven´t been to a single Con :/, heard the most awesome things about BronyCon (and Can xD), though... gotta go there, maybe next year.

So, yea, see ya around :)

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Welcome to MLP forums!   :D

I'm sure you'll like it here everypony is really nice and friendly and I bet you will make some friends really quick.   B)

If you have any questions or need any help, just message me.   ;)


Enjoy your stay here.   :)


*Brohoof* /)

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XD Very nice introduction! I could see myself as a mix of Derpy and Pinkie too :P. Did you have fun at Bronycan? Anyways, have fun on the forums, and if you ever need any help, please let me know! :)

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