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Whats your opinion on "Smile Smile Smile"



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  1. 1. How did you like smile smile smile?

    • I love it! Its my new favorite mlp song.
    • It might be my second favorite
    • I kinda liked it
    • It annoyed me

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I've loved it ever since I listened to the leaked version I mean, completely held off until it was officially released. ;)


But seriously, it's a great song. Maybe not my #1 favorite, but definitely up there.

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I absolutely adore this song. The best experience for me is watching the actual clip from the episode. The way Pinkie and the other ponies bounce around to the music... it's wonderfully lively.

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It's Pinkie's best song for sure and thanks to that song I now put Pinkie's singing voice equal to Rarity's. I liked Pinkie's voice before but I never thought any of the songs she sang really brought out the true personality in her voice. Giggle at the Ghosties was the closest but it still didn't do it. Smile, Smile, Smile achieved this feeling for me much like Becoming Popular and Art of the Dress did for Rarity.

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It doesn't beat Rarity's songs, but it definitally takes a close second! :D


I have been listening to it quite a bit, it is great for making you feel just plain happy inside!

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