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((Flashback continued))


Moon Beam cringes, knowing she was done for. However, out of no where, she heard some pony yelling. She looks over to see a white pegasus, standing tall. The timberwolf seemed to have noticed her, too, and had apparently taken a liking to her.


He ran off after her, and she lifted into the air and flew off with the speed of a lightning bolt. Moon gratefully took the opportunity to get up and shake off the pain. It didn't take her long to regain her focus.


Moon beat her wings quickly and was in the air in no time. She flew in the direction the mare and the timber wolf went, soon finding them. Moon thought it would be a good 'thank you' for helping her to now help the pegasus.


Picking up speed, she began to gain on the timberwolf. She was soon right above it, and dropped down onto its back. It growled loudly, making its anger evident.


Moon stuck her hooves in whatever nook or crack she could and held on for dear life, hoping the pegasus would decide again to help her.


The timber wolf rose up on its hind legs and shook, trying to make Moon Beam fall. However, she had used a quick little spell to help her hold on. She smiled, admiring its persistence and her ability to cast spells without help from another magical object.

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((Flashback continued, Im taking over Angelheart, at least for now))


Angelheart watched the mare as she gripped onto the back the large timberwolf. She gawked at her skills, glad that she was okay.


Suddenly, she jumped into the air and flapped her wings hard, a gust of air sweeping the foret floor below her. Angelheart lifted high into the leaves with that one beat of her wings, then dove down at the timberwolf's head. She landed swiftly on the top of his head, pushing his front half to the ground with a loud thud.


Moon Beam cut the spell she had cast to hold onto the wolf as she slid up his back to stand near Angelheart, who was standing tall on the side of his face. Moon smiled as she admired the pony's bravery.


Moon Beam stomped her hoof down on the side of the timberwolf's neck, asserting her dominance. She growled deeply, her eyes flashing red. Angelheart noticed this, but figured they had more pressing matters to attend to at the moment.


"What exactly were you doing, mister?" Angelheart spoke, her voice sounding like the windchimes made of crystals that Moon Beam's mom used to make for her when she was just a filly. The thought filled her with delight, the red tint in her eyes disappearing.


The timberwolf huffed and snarled back at Angelheart, who in turn pressed her hooves deeper in the side of his head, his twigs cracking under the pressure, making him whimper.


"Oh look who's so tough now? You're just a little one trying to act like a bigboy." Angelheart cooed.


"He's so big, though. Alpha, maybe?" Moon asked.


"Must be. He's huge. But not very smart, I see." Angelheart giggled.


The timberwolf huffed in disapproval, and the ponies laughed at his tiny anger.


"I think it's time for you to get home, buddy. No pony hunting from now on." Moon smiled as she lifted off of his neck. His branches groaned in relief as both ponies let him go.


He ran off as soon as he was free, whimpering in defeat.



"I'm so lucky you were around to save me. If you weren't here, I would have been puppy chow."Moon giggled, relieved.


"Well, to be honest, I think you would have been fine." Angelheart said knowingly.


"What makes you say that?" Moon tilted her head in confusion.


"That fire in your eyes. It's quite assuring, huh?"


"Haha, I am pretty brave."


"I'm not talking about that. I mean the literal fire in your eyes. It glowed, when you growled at the pup." Angelheart grinned.


"Oh, that. It's not exactly what you think it is. It's not as much fire as it is a curse.. Literally." Moon explained.


"Well, sweetheart, there is definitely more in that fire than just curse." Angelheart smiled, her eyes glittering.


"Hey, I never got your name." Moon said.


"Oh, my apologies. I go by Angelheart."


"Moon Beam, but you can call me Moon."


"Aaahh. The famous Moon Beam." Angelheart beamed.


"What are you talking about?" Moon giggled.


"You don't realize your own fan base, do you? I've heard plenty of stories." Angelheart was about to continue when a loud screech was heard off in the distance. "Oh my, is it really that time? I am so sorry, but that's my pheonix. I must be going. But maybe one day I can explain how I know of you. i'm sure you'd love to be enlightened."


"Of course. It's pretty new to me that I'm.. 'famous'." Moon said slowly.


"Well, I know we will meet again. Trust me. And by the way, call me Angel." She said as she lifted into the air with one beat of her wings.


"Nice meeting you, Angel! I look forward to seeing you again!" Moon called as she watched the pegasus through the leaves.


"Same here, Moon! Farewell!" Angel called back.


((End flashback))

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VAstrid walked out to the edge of the clearing she laid down and laid he scythe beside her nastu jumped off her back and nuzzled her curling up beside her Astrid gave a small smile nuzzling him back he may not be soft and fury but he was still adorable and cuddly -maybe I'll train him later but for now I'll just teach him the basics- Astrid thought -it'll help keep my mind off of that fool of a pony grell- she sighed trying to not think about him

Steel walked to the opposite edge knowing that Astrid would need her space because she was mad at grell for being so foolish steel sighed laying down he just wished grell would think before acting sometimes because they won't always be there to save him -why can't he just listen to me every once in a while- steel thought he glanced around -where's moonbeam and senia... Guess they went flying or something-

Grell walked into his cabin and sat in the chair he was exhausted and would have loved nothing more then to sleep but he couldn't because of the horrid nightmares he has

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i read this quietly in the dark of the night, this my first roleplay my longest one. i formed a connection with dashie we became good friends then one day she stopped getting on here its been over two years since i last spoke with her, so here i sit in my room reading this as i remember the good times we had tears fall as i read the last lines realizing that our little story will never have a proper end so much for all the stuff we had planned so much for the time we spent i come back some times just to read and remember my first roleplay a good friend a great story and all the good times we shared it hurts i miss her i  never thought when i started id make such a friend and never did i expect to lose her either  i never expected this i never would have guessed that not seeing her replies would cause such a feeling..... 

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