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Fan Fiction disharmony. discord's return


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The 6 had a new task ahead. The elements had vanished, and the stone statue of discord was missing. Twilight: "Oh No. Not again! *discord laughs* pinkie pie: "I've heard that laugh before...it means cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain!" Fluttershy: "Oh my goodness, what do we do?". Twilight: " I don't know girls. It looks like we have a job to do. The fate of equestria is in our hooves once again". Rainbow: "you seem excited" Twilight: "I'd rather not fight discord again and run the risk of losing my friends". *celestia enters the library* twilight: "princess! Discord- " celestia: "has returned. I know". Rarity: "I won't be gray again will I? Ugh, I think gray is too dull".


Discords voice: "hello again girls, miss me?" Rainbow: "show yourself coward!" Discords voice: "now now dash, mean words will get you No friends". Celestia: " where are the elements!" Discords voice: "again you are rude. No games for you celestia. But the girls look like they're up for some fun". Pinkie: " Oh boy I love fun, what kind of fun! A game, ooh a riddle or a funny joke! Funny has fun in it! Make chocolate rain I'm thirsty I can't have fun if I'm thirsty. Ooh I also want a chimicherrychonga!" Discords voice: "...sure pinkie pie, but you must first tell me. Your element is laughter, or you can have magic, come on pinkie, take your pick." Pinkie: "but twilight's is magic!" Discords voice: "with magic you can have your greatest desires come true. Endless chocolate rain perhaps"...


*scarlet bursts through the wall* scarlet: "I heard a voice that I've not heard in...years." discords voice: "scarletdagger. Your just in time for the fun. Too bad the girls are going to play a different game" scarlet: "discord! Show yourself now!" *Discord appears* discord: "really, is everypony this rude?" Fluttershy: "scarlet, please do something!" discord: "shush fluttershy....wait a second. Has scarlet finally found somepony who doesn't want him dead? Congratulations on your discovery. Looks like your childhood was a nightmare. That nightmare is just about to start over again" fluttershy: "scarlet. How does he know about your past?" Scarlet:"he's...." Discord: "I'm his uncle. Celestias too. Shocking isn't it?" Twilight: "princess. Is that true?" Celestia: "yes. That's why the elements didn't destroy him". Fluttershy(to scarlet): "I can't believe you never told me!" Discord: "ooh a lovers quarrel! I don't think I should stick around. I've seen fluttershy angry. It's So grand"

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