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Hiya. I used to make music, in a simple online program called jamstudios. It was a fun site, and I got quite a bit out of it. However, I eventually stopped making music with it because the restrictions were becoming too... restricting. There wasn't much room to do new things, and I felt like I was begining to repeat myself by the time I reached my second CD. Since I couldn't afford new software, I left music by the wayside.


However, if anyone is interested in what I did during my short stint as a musical artist, I've still got the ol' bandcamp page up, with every song available to listen to and download, completely free.


Here's some of the songs I'm still mostly proud of, even if they didn't turn out perfect.


Children Cry (Vocal): http://michaelgammel...ldren-cry-vocal

Children Cry (Instrumental): http://michaelgammel...ry-instrumental

Mechanical Owls: http://michaelgammel...mechanical-owls

Invisible Moon: http://michaelgammel.../invisible-moon

Invisible Moon (Acoustic): http://michaelgammel...e-moon-acoustic

Bouyancy: http://michaelgammel.../track/buoyancy

Shipwreck: http://michaelgammel...track/shipwreck


I don't know. Maybe you'll like them? I'm not very talented like a lot of the people making music for FiM, but maybe you'll enjoy it. Please tell me what you think, if you have the time.


Edit: DO'H! Thanks to the mod who moved this to the correct subsection!

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Im listening to Children Cry right now, just have to say that the lyrics are incredible! I think the vocals are also very well performed; not too unnatural. Haven't listened to the rest yet though.


Heh, thanks. I wrote the lyrics to Children Cry, but had to look around a bit to find someone to perform them. I was real happy with the guy's performance, even though that was only the first demo. He eventually got bogged down by business, and we lost contact.

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