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movies/tv Do you like Star Wars?

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Do you like Star Wars?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Star Wars?

    • Yes; Star Wars rulez
    • Yes; It's Okay
    • In between (please clarify)
    • No, but if it gets better with the new stuff coming up I might be fan of it (again)
    • No, I hate it and forever will
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I love Star wars!!!! I actually was playing Star wars Episode 3 on the ps2 when I discovered the XAT chat's and met my friend there who gave me my nickname Star due to my name being Star Wars episode 3 works!


I don't actually like the new one (The force awakens) due to it doesn't really have a set plot and is hella boring.... AND the bad guy was just a whinny SJW who throw a fit the whole time....  



Also rip Carrie Fischer!! <3 always love Lia.

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I LOVE STARWARS! <3 starwars was pretty much my childhood. I have a lot of starwars merch, and video games :adorkable:


what do you guys prefer most? MC80 Liberty or the Star Destroyer?

I'd say the MC80. It's so funky and cool. I love the Star Destroyers, especially the Imperial Class, but the prize goes to the Mon Cals. 


As for the main topic of this thread, yes, I love Star Wars. I love it like I love air in my lungs and blood in my veins. Star Wars is my soul. I have been a fan for as far back as I have memory and I've been collecting for almost as long. 

Only in more recent times have I had any real reason to dislike anything about it. That is to say, I don't like Force Awakens. But since I don't even consider it as part of the real saga, the true Star Wars (meaning anything and everything George Lucas created) remains perfect and untarnished. 

I could go into endless details an rant over every aspect of this opinion, but it would run on too long. Suffice it to say that no filmmaker has the skill or humility to be faithful to the true vision George intended, and should not make a move without consulting him as long as he's available. 

Rogue One was enjoyable, mostly because there weren't any classic characters to kill off for a quick dramatic moment, and it didn't offend me in any big way. It missed a few beats that should have been obvious, and the writing was a bit convoluted. But I'll forgive a lot of that because it had some very cool parts (spoiler alert) and a few faces that were good to see.



It's such a shame about Carrie Fischer.

Carrie will be missed terribly. Love forever, Carrie. 

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I only became a big fan of Star Wars recently when I saw The Force Awakens when it came out. At that point, the only movie I ever saw was Episode 3, so I knew almost nothing about the original characters and then I began to love the series after seeing this. I loved Rouge One as well.

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Before The Force Awakens and Rogue One, I remember seeing parts of the last three or so Star Wars movies. I thought they were good, but wasn't too interested in watching all of the movies until seeing The Force Awakens and then Rogue One the other day. I'm not sure if I'll turn into a major fan girl, but my interest in Star Wars has definitely increased! :) 

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Yep, and very much.


What I like about Star Wars are:


  • a setting that combines spaceships, technology, and politics and its effects to others -- which the Expanded Universe and its deep history is inspirational proof
  • the improvised acting in the older movies, and the glorious CGI of the newer ones (Force Awakens onwards)
  • the nerdy setting which makes memories of a Christmas at Starbucks coffee more fond and warmer
  • the unintentional humor (such as what characters were used, and their shoddy acting), no thanks to some commentators like this video's creator:

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  • 3 years later...

I have Disney+ now, that means I will start lovin Star Wars again! First off, I will watch this new movie recommend to me called The Rise of Skywalker...

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I would be neutral towards SW, but it's everywhere, cartoon on TV (back when I was watching it), videos on YouTube, endless references and people who think that everyone likes it by default. I'm sick of this:okiedokieloki:

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I love Star Wars and it's one of my favourite series of films! The fact I've become so obsessed with all the prequel memes just makes me love the films even more. 
The Clone Wars era is my absolute favourite era and I love all the lore behind it. The only thing I dislike about Star Wars is the sequels… or otherwise known as Original Trilogy 2.0

Obi Wan is also the best character. Fight me.


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I am for the most part not fond of Star Wars. I have a huge problem with one thing in particular: the fact the franchise tries to be a good versus evil story when it most certainly really isn't.


The presentation of the Jedi as always being good even when they abduct children, commit massacres more than once in the canon, and are technically the reason why the Sith exist in the first place... It just presents itself with so many canonical holes in its own narrative that it makes the franchise kind of hard to invest in... It of course doesn't help that it's so universally popular and so regularly referenced that it genuinely gets annoying. I will say though that the movies aren't necessarily bad, just overrated for the most part. And the reason they aren't as good as they could be is somewhat fixed by a movie that is ironically part of the black sheep prequels, which seems to be tossed aside simply because of the other two being mediocre at best films.


If there were a take on Star Wars that presented both the Sith and the Jedi as the moral grey areas they are, then I think I could actually enjoy it. But the franchise consistently has this problem with overlooking the potential of a Jedi Order painted in a less all good and more holier than thou light, and a Sith Order painted in a light that's less pure evil for evil's sake and more contextualized. It's clear there's much more to it than the Jedi being the good guys and the Sith being the bad guys, but at least the three trilogies of movies consistently fail to utilize or most of the time even see the potential in that dynamic. Instead of making the Jedi come off as the people who can do no wrong and the Sith as the people who can do no right, why can't we cement their alignments in realistic perspectives from a neutral party...?

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I'm also not fond of Star Wars. In the original trilogy, I only liked Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. A New Hope? It could have been better if it weren't for the bad writing. The padding in Tatooine becomes egregious when the Jawas had nothing to do with the movie, except to pad the length of the movie. Han and Luke were also not very likable characters for most of the movie.

If A New Hope had better writing, then I'd like the movie series more.

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He's more meme now than movie

unless they give star wars to genuinely talented and creative people to work on, I can see it dying, losing it's profitability. Or else what are they going to do? keep making rogue one type movies forever?

btw disney, girls don't really like star wars, boys do. Maybe you should try playing to your base instead of insulting and neglecting them??

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On 9/22/2020 at 2:20 AM, Midnight Danny said:

I've heard of Star Wars, but l am not a really big fan of it. :sealed: Simply, l don't really like it. >_>

Pretty much this. I remember my dad showed me the...... first movie I believe? Like a long long time ago, but I just was never really into it so I never bothered to watch any of the other movies either. >_>

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I have only really seen the Star Wars films so far, I've never really ventured into the expanded universe but I do intend to, I have the Thrawn trilogy on my bookshelf waiting for a space in my reading schedule.

I love the original trilogy, there is very little to the story really, but there's nothing wrong with a simple story well told and with engaging characters.  Now, the prequels, oh boy... the prequels.  The prequels tried to tell a far more complex and interesting story, with a huge reliance on CGI and some questionable casting choices.  I wasn't a fan of the prequels originally, but I have gradually made my peace with them over the years, for all their many faults the story was at least coherent and deepened the lore of the original films.

Then came the sequels and where do I even start with these?  TFA was little more than an inferior remake of ANH, it completely ignored the resolution of the story at the end of ROTJ and started the story from a point that made no sense in relation to the previous film and made no attempt to explain what had happened in the intervening 30 years.  In its defence though, it was always going to be the first film in a trilogy so it gets a degree of leeway as it needs to set up things for the following film so not everything needs to be explained or resolved immediately.  Then TLJ came along and continued to explain absolutely nothing whilst abandoning most of the plot threads that were seeded in TFA and reducing the First Order to an organisation that is so farcical and incompetent that the fact that they have somehow become a power in the galaxy is actually a plot hole.  I haven't seen TROS, TLJ was so bad and disconnected from TFA that I have no appetite for this trilogy, and no desire to see how that story ends.

I'm also not a big fan of Solo.  I don't think this film was needed and even before it came out I knew that they were simply going to take every single nugget of information that has been established about this character and cram it all into the course of the film leaving nothing to the imagination and reducing Han Solo's entire background to little more than the events of a few days.  I wasn't wrong.  It's not to say that Solo is a bad film per se, it would have made a fairly serviceable sci-fi heist flick, it was just a bad Han Solo film.

That leaves Rogue One.  Of all the Disney Star Wars films, this is the one that I actually like.  Yes, the characters all felt fairly expendable, and yes, it was riddled with fan service, but that isn't inherently a bad thing.  I really enjoyed the scene at the end where we see Darth Vader at the height of his power doing what you would expect a Lord of the Sith to do.  My main gripe with RO is that the way they ended it doesn't mesh well with the start of ANH, there needs to have been more of a gap between the two films.  Leia's claim to Vader that she was on a diplomatic mission doesn't really hold up well when the Tantive IV was literally followed from the battle of Scarif to Tatooine and immediately intercepted by the Empire.

On the whole I do enjoy Star Wars, the amount of clones, stormtroopers, Imperial offiers and battle droids that adorn my shelves is testament to that.  However I am not a fan of what Disney has done to the franchise.  The fact that they knew they were making a trilogy of films and did so without any plan to ensure cohesion between one film and the next is unforgivable, not to mention the utter disrespect with which the characters from the original films were treated, but I won't rant about that here, I'll save it for another day.

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Not particularly. I think is more of a product of it's time and I missed the train. Even if I've watched all the movies and I have a coworker that is obsessed with it and shares his passion for it with me I can't really connect with it or it's style of story. 

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