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Alicorn twilight and why people cared?

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The answer i got in reponse to this was, "Alicorn twilight will be over powered and that's why fans aren't thrilled with her."


Isn't twilight Sparkle already the most powerful of the main cast to begin with?


Now I'm going to jump the gun on this one, and correct me if i'm wrong,


but in the shows history, an Alicorn has been in battle once.  I forget did she win? 
I mean vs a changeling, a race that's tactics are based in stealth and sneaking around.  Princess Celestial straight up got her butt kicked vs the Rogue class. 

I mean it wasn't even an ambush.  She saw the attack coming.

So unless i miss my guess a alicorn is just a unicorn with wings (Derp)


BUt i'm going to go one step further.  Lets suppose Princess Celestial has Awesome godlike powers (raises the sun LOL i know hard to beleive right).


Despite likely being the most powerful pony on the show in sheer raw power, I dont' think she's over powered.  Why?

How often does your average Alicorn princess use her powers to be combat ready?

I'm not suggesting she couldn't molly whop 10 dozen earth ponies,


I think a unicorn with 20 years hard trianing, tricked out with combat magic, mini maxed up the flank would run a train on a alicorn princess in a magical duel.


Twilight i beleive is powerful has less to do with her transition to her new form, but to her invauable time and experience.  that and have you seen the beating twilight sparkle has taken?



I bet she could take 6 times the beating Princess Celestial could.  Why?  Cause she has.

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I do not think she will be anymore powerful than what she was before she became an alicorn. Though it is said they get a power increase, I do not think Twilight will get much more as she was already really powerful, and if you look at Celestia, if alicorns were really that powerful why didn't Celestia just zap things away. Though if that were the case it would have taken away the point of having the whole show in the first place. Ultimately I think each alicorn has it's own area of expertise, and that is where their power lies. So all in all I agree with you.

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She won't become anymore powerful than she is right now but, her power will increase more just not to the level of overpowered.

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Twi will eventually replace Celestia in her duties, and the Mane 6 will guard the elements of harmony. At least, thats how I would write it.

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