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What would your OC look like in Equestria Girls?

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This is my OC Chatterbox       This is Chattebox EG versión, i edited the both bases with photoshop and paint so looks but ain't perfect

This is my OC:     And these are three versions of her: One in her normal clothes, one in her dress, and how she would look in one of the scenes 'cause I was bored.     This is where I got

I know i posted my EG OC but i did a update version of Chatterbox in Equestria Girls    This is Chatterbox in pony form         this is Chatterbox in Equestria Girls form

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My OC Charming Heart (aka Charmie) in the Equestria Girls world would like something like this:



Image Source: http://ambassad0r.deviantart.com/art/COM-Charming-Heart-EqG-style-486181651


Charmie would carry over her traits and personality from Equestria (kindness, caring for others and standing up for someone when needed) and her Spanish heritage and background would play a major part in her character. Charmie is also bilingual which means that she can speak both her native language and also english fluently without trouble.

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On 2013-09-15 at 10:43 AM, Dreadmallon said:

   Although I am not currently done with determining my character's design, I can say that my Equestria Girls OC would look a lot like "Red X" from "Teen Titans." With some differences, of course (no skull, has a hood, gray cape, etc.).

well my oc would look like this and her name is bloodnight sparkles  she is a half demon  and more like red x from teen titan without the skull and dark magicponyWithBackgroundimage.png.75fb52f4a2f4c9e7001fe31bfd2cff65.png

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