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Open Sky Pirates (Adventure/Humor)

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(many happy returns :D )


"Heh heh, that was cute. Yeah, Gray said we'd have a shipment of something arriving via courrier."


Duskrunner grabbed a crowbar and swatted his hoof with it threateningly.


"After what happened last time I received a big crate I'm not taking any chances. Wanna back me up?"

He added with a naughty grin.

"Umm, Sure!" Star Belle said, hoping she didn't use too much enthusiasm. She wouldn't be alone, so Fate couldn't get her. She was safe... For now.


She saw Dusk was holding a crowbar and smiling. "What's that for? Protection?" Star asked. Using her hoof to gesture at the crowbar.

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"Who care about the bastard guards?! We need to get the hell out of here before the hole royal guard shows up." Gloom then charged at the guards  pushing a great deal of them off at once. He then star

The tail in the barrel inside the Captain's room twitches. At a particularly weird time something seems to catch in Duskrunner's throat and he hacks a bit before settling down again. It's particularly

Twisted spotted a vent leading towards some machinery, "My ticket out of this eatting hell." Lifting the vent cover. Slowly working his way through the vent system he crawled out feeling the heat from

Twisted could feel danger brewing, "It seems they got themselves into some trouble with the law." Speaking quietly to himself as he walked around the deck. "Would be a shame to let this ship return to the empire...maybe it's time I take it off of Gray's hoofs." Grinning as he put his hoof on the wheel of the ship.


((Been busy with school work but I'm back for the most part.))

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"What's that for? Protection?" Star asked. Using her hoof to gesture at the crowbar.



Dusk teased.


"Actually it's because I have a new policy while alone on board: Every new pony sized crate or larger gets searched.

And that reminds me..."


Dusk went up to the deck and got the spyglass.

"And thar she blows. One courier in the distance. Not sure how big a crate Grey sent back to us though... or what's in it."


And with that Dusk put back the spyglass and wrapped a rope around the wheel.

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When he noticed nobody was left except Star Belle, who could fly away, and Twisted continued to mutter something that sounded suspiciously like stealing the ship Duskrunner did the only thing he thought he could in accordance with his conscience...


and entwine the rope he looped around the ship's wheel to the metal chain and dropped the anchor.


After the steering mechanism was ripped away and the anchor smashed into the dock Duskrunner ran after it and escaped down the chain, giving a backwards glance to make sure Star Belle could fly off on her own. Dusk couldn't stand to see Twisted Fate harm her.


His hooves touched the floor and he began galloping off into the night, wording the letter he would write in his mind as he wanted.


"To the Captain of the Canterlot Guard.

My apologies, the vessel I was assigned to work on was stolen in the night. The last I saw it was in Manehattan. I jumped ship and managed to get away. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside my control, damaging the wheel was the most I could do before I got away. I'm a stranger to Manehattan and to the best of my knowledge the ponies who took the vessel know the city well: I couldn't risk staying there.
They have a competent carpinter and machinist, I suspect they'll have her repaired and airworthy within the week at the latest.
Please note that not all components in the vessel are complete. Chances are that even if the vessel were to be made sea and airworthy there's a chance they won't be able to complete its engines. My checklist for the missing parts is enclosed herein.
I cannot say if the privateers or corsairs or whatever they are have the knowledge to make these repairs or identify the missing parts.
Please forgive my inability to help with these thieves; ruffians and sabateurs they may be but they're not all bad ponies...well, except for one or two at the most who are complete sociopaths.
I truly regret what has happened and will put myself at your disposal... when I place myself at your mercy when I arrive again in Canterlot.
Embarrased for my sake to yourself and her majesty.


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