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What is your destiny?

Akemi Homura

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To repeat this, but with equestria. Then when it's a completely inhospitable hell-hole, take over. Wait 1000 years (captain pancakes is immortal) for equestria to become normal again, and enjoy ruling equestria.


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Unite all human faction.


Establish a militarized religious confederation.


Travel Space.


Defeat any aliens that would hinder humanity being the most powerful race in the universe.


Control the universe.


Go to Ponyville.

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My destiny is one full of magic and mystery...


One day, and rather old and senile pony will approach me and hand her a necklace she has owned wince she was a mere filly. I will try to ask her why she has handed me such a thing, but she will blabber on about scribbles and small flying fluff-balls, then throw cupcakes at me until I shut the door and lock her out.


After having a shower I will discover that the necklace has turned into a rather cuddily baby dragon, who can speak in Pony English. He will tell me that I must embark on a great quest to find the Milk Of Palendrome; a sacred possession currently withheld from the world by the evil and powerful enchantress Captain Dasterfoal. After delivering this message, the dragon will promptly explode, leaving me with a pile of ash, a little scroll of paper, and a desire to have another shower.


Within the scroll is a map of Equestria, upon which is a path to the Milk Of Palendrome, depicted simply by a potato in a silk gown. With no other instructions and no clue of how even to start my journey, I decide to pay a visit to the most intelligent pony in town - Twilight Sparkle.


Upon seeing the map, Twilight will have an odd little twitching fit and begin searching madly for book amongst all those of her library. Finally she will discover it under a daffodil sandwich she meant to eat a year ago, flick off said sandwich and open the book to the correct pages. Within the book will be a duplicate of the map the dragon gave to me, but it's to the footnotes that Twilight will direct me to, her left eye twitching maniacally.


Anypony who possesses the Milk of Palendrome will die


"My destiny is to die?" I will ask her, and she will not solemnly. At which point I will hand her the necklace and the scroll before turning towards the door. "Where are you going?" She'll shout after me, slipping on the necklace so she can catch up. "Without the Milk of Palendrome the town will perish when even enchantress decided to wake and wreak her vengence upon us all!"


I will turn and look her straight in the eyes, freezing her to the spot before saying: "And I'll die anyway, just faster. Screw that for a game of apple tossing. Have fun!" Then I will trot out of her library and leave her there with the book and the scroll, knowing she will head up to save the Milk Of Palendrome from the enchantress and being peace to equestria.


Meanwhile, I'm going to be back at home eating muffing.


~The end.

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