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You Wake up and are your own avatar! What do you say?

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1.*mixed scream of fear, joy and laughter* 2. I can use magic? Sweat! 3.*play pranks on my ex and boss.*

I think we both do XD

“What in tarnation??” 

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"Dang, I should have finished the textures."


(In case this doesn't match the context of the post in the future, that's what eventually happened. Or I gave up and put something else there entirely. In any case, what are you doing reading years-old posts anyway?)

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I either start ranting about insane conspiracy theories and selling water filters/male vitality products in a bombastic, over the top way, or I start whining about first world problems while throwing in a denial of the Armenian Genocide for good measure.


I'm now seriously considering changing my avatar back to shitposting Twilight.

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Probably a whole lot of screaming. As I'm sure MSpaint is not meant to support life.


Though if this ever does get replaced, thank your lucky stars you don't have to keep looking at the old one!

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