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Not sure if this is the right board but oh well. If it's not, feel free to move it. Like the title says, post your OC ponies here. Anything goes. It could be your ponysona, just some random character

Name: Kiri Type: Kirin Gender: Female   Age: Young Adult  Other Details: All over here

It's my first pony oc, I hope it's good!

Posted Images

 BWEE-FWHEEE! I finally gotta pic of me!


   *repeatedly rams a picture of himself in your faces*


 Single White/Pink Draconequus Looking for All Of The Above!  Enjoys: Being into yoga, getting caught in the rain, Loves pouring Champagne all over your brain

   ,taking picnics to the Dunes of Arrakis, and referencing often but frequently miss!

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Mercury got her 'winter look' drawn quite recently. Longer mane and tail are the usual traits of that style as having a shorter mane could feel a bit too cold at times. At least for her anyways.



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   Changeling Form:




Nightmare Form (For Battle):




Normal Form:




(He can go from one form too the next with ease. Depending on who he is meeting)


Name: Lord/Master Necrodeus (Real Name)/ Sir Deathmare (Nick Name)


Hint: The term Necrodeus means "The Death Lord or Ruler of the Dead"


Age: Unknown (Can Never Die By Any Means)


Type: Pegasus/Unicorn/Changeling/Stallion (Mother was a mare/Father is a stallion/ The rest he learned from studying advanced magic to have more forms to disguise himself/ Still he doesn't go in his normal so often as he is banned from ponyville from a accident he did which nearly destroyed both lunar and solar empires. Thus, he remains in his changeling form) 


Alliance: Mysterious (Grey Area)/Partners with Dark Matter (Rarely they see each other)


Height: 6' ft. 5" in.


Gender: Mare/Male


Relationships: Dark Nebula/Matter and Unovas 


Family: Used to (Were killed by a mare. His hatred started,) (Unovas is all he had as a son too him. Until a long while he is announced dead. Then his hatred grew a lot that he no longer cares no more. Right now he is completely alone in his lair where no one can reach him, Except the high powers can. Still they don't come. )


​Hobbies: Observes his lair for any intruders and plays games with Unovas (rescued one) hardly 


Current Location: Beyond the Unknown Lands


Hometown: Canterlot/Ponyville


Represents: Darkness/Power  (Right Now Hatred/Pain)




- His parents 


-Pitch Darkness/Coldness


-Bitter Foods/Drinks


-Challenging himself and playing the organ (Sounds eerie)




-Everyone for reasons   


-Trusting others (Again for right reasons/His past)


-Bright/Colorful (Weather)


-Someone dares mentions about his personal past


Behavior/Personality: Is mostly on guard at all times and keeps on feeling this deep pain in his heart of that tragedy towards his parents. He continues to rule by himself and no one else.


His anger is something no one and I do mean anyone should mess with. As he did prove to show no mercy and really make sure that his enemies are immobile. The only way he could calm down if by himself.


In summery for behavior. He is very bad , except has a good sense of judgement. Meaning he has standards. Still be very careful if you ever meet him. Its no wonder no one ever tried coming near him. Just his endless pain is physical now and permanent. Yet, you just get this sense of feelings you can't explain. 


Occupation: The Ruler of Darkness/Commander Of Darkness




​Wears a pendant that has black crescent moon in a dark grey chest piece and a name in the back of it. (His parents) 


His horn is pitch dark black and body is the same as  well. 


Wears a heavy long black cape with dark grey armored shoulder pads and with light grey chain attached to shoulder pads. Can shield him or others from any harm. Has a leathery design to it.  


Wears an unbreakable mask given to him by his parents and armor. Mask (Darker grey) Armor (Darker grey)


Cutie Mark: Unknown Dark Orb With Dark Purple Aura




Hair/Tail: Pitch black energy flowing hair  and tail


Wings: Pegasus (Huge/Wide) pitch black on both sides


Eyes: Glowing bright red (Helps Him See Through Thick Fog)


His Palace:




How He Earned It:


It is not known so much. He earned it by maintaining his land is one of the ways he did and showing his parents to be the strongest/powerful one with honor/respect. The rest is unknown. 


More into Personality/Behavior :


He is mysterious and unknown. Yet his looks intimidate others. Still he doesn't tend to do much, just be by himself as always. Never caring if he is or not. He is just hurting a lot somehow, whenever he looks at the pendent. Yet, he controls his hatred. This is the one pony, you shouldn't try to come near at all. If you bravely do, just don't say nothing too him. Heck, I wouldn't say anything either for me to get brutally beaten a lot. 




Not much is known about his past. He keeps it to himself and what happened to his parents. All there is that he is the ruler of the unknown and is by himself in the vast reaches of darkness.


No one ever visited him cause they couldn't make it in the extreme coldness and danger in his area. So, he just sits in his station looking around. He sometimes goes to the top floor on the patio to see the moon for some personal reason.


Everyone in Equestria cringe in concern if his name is mentioned. Even his men never dare say anything about his personal past. He only comes to Equestria if granted permission from the higher powers of Equestria. 


Still he hesitates for good reason thinking everyone will not move and might cause trouble there. So, he stays for their safety and his own as well. Never to come there at all.


He feels bad for doing this sometimes and tries not to think that. So as now the unknown ruler in beyond the darkest reaches of Equestria, he just continues to do his parent's will. Never breaking that word he vowed towards them. 


As he will no longer have respect and care for him. Since he is the last of his family. 







When concentrate energy and his horn emitting power. He can pick stuff off the ground and throw them. Even big object if fully concentrated.


Can fly/glide/teleport/corkscrew in any direction any where at all times.


He can make his eyes normal at will. Still never does.


His huge wings can create very strong wind guests or a pulse wave with one hard closing of wings.


He has a black aura with dark grey lines of energy surrounding him if in battle.


Can concentrate an orb of energy from his horn and fire multiple times or one burst.


Note:He will if he is in battle. If not he won't use them except his physical abilities on occasions to get around/travel. 




Lord Necrodeus's Ultimate Elemental Sword: 



    An Example:                          post-40379-0-48724500-1485096587_thumb.jpg




He only brings it if needed to depending on how powerful the opponent is. He put the sword in a secret room only he can enter.


Anyone else tries to enter the room the sword will emit energy and drain the person's power and make him/her extremely weak or they pass out.


Only the original holder/wielder can handle such insane amounts of power and many unknown elements. That being Lord Necrodeus/ Sir Deathmare can master it. 


Sword emits a darker fiery purple with pitch black flowing energy aura around it.


This increases his powers to his ultimate potential in extreme lengths like the elemental sword. Except in the darkest version of it.


The blade is pitch black with encryption on it. Almost has the same length and size as the Sword of Equestria. Yet it is somehow equal to it in the like a dark version of it.


Most of his unknown powers lies from within the Elemental Sword. 


The sword can drain anyone's powers and the swords as well.


He can perform a lot of moves with it and has mastered it.


The sword can be thrown as a boomerang and charged up to make dark orbs.


He can plunge down to the ground to create shock waves in all directions. Dark lightning can be summoned and can strike precisely by pinpointing. 


The sword's powers grant him many forced physical attacks that can be knocked back very hard. They can be knock out cold.


Can create a lot of dark energy spikes horizontal or vertical with sword. Automatically tracks down target. 


Note: Again only if he needs to if in battle or help others. With all those powers he has in his disposal with the sword in hand. 





By the way the sword can only be wielded by him. If someone try to, they have all energy drained from them quickly and pass out. As its powers are very unstable.


He doesn't feel the need to cause any trouble in Equestria, because he was taught better from what is good or bad. Meaning he is neutral on sides.


He only thinks and knows what type of situation it is, then fixes problems/fights or let them figure it out on their own.  


Still he would make a good person towards people that are kind to him and sees the goodness within them.  


Or the worst danger to his enemies ever that they will freeze upon his presence in fear of his powers with the sword.


He gets that way if someone threatens him/parents/friends/ or challenges him to a deadly foolish battle against him. Then he will do so with no regrets. Unless they apologize to him quickly before he strikes.


He does give them a shot if they are sure they want to or not. Like they say pick your spot or start apologizing.





So that is mine and I'm sorry it is fully detailed. Will do better on my next one. Its my first time posting an O.C.  Yes it does sound edgy and overpowered. Sorry again that I didn't mean to top anyone.


I was trying to make my O.C. sound interesting and epic to have as a main good/bad person that is confused by others and misunderstood of his motives.


So, if anyone wants to post a comment of you think of him and would you like for your O.C. to be friends with him. Please let me know and I gratefully appreciate it. Thanks.

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Name: Aria

Race: alicorn

Gender: female

Age: 28

Colors: white coat with a hot pink baby pink mane and tail

Cutie mark:heart inside of a crown surrounded by laurel leaves

eyes:blue eyes with little pink hearts in them


(both stories were written and the picture was done by my good friend chaosprincess)

Aria's Cutie Mark Story

While she was being put to work she heard a scream. She ran as fast as she could towards the sound. As she neared it she noticed it was the stallion she now called her father. He was being attacked even though he was cruel she ran to his side, and fearlessly fought against the unknown beast winning. Now things for her did not change, but she now had a new cutie mark to admire.



Aria's Backstory

Born into royalty her mother a beautiful alicorn and her father a unicorn. She was born a beautiful unicorn, but she learned how cruel the world can be at such a young age. Greed getting the better of one pony desperate for money she was snatched while her parents were patrolling their kingdom. Hearing the news her parents ordered all ponies to search, but it was to late she was gone. Sold to any pony who would pay, she was sold rather fast forced to do work once she hit fillyhood. As she hit her teenage years she ran from her home not wanting to marry somepony she did not love and not wanting the physical abuse that was placed upon her. But even with years of pain and sadness she still had a big heart and was always willing to give. With no place to go she decided to roam helping those in need of it and making friends, But as her luck was looking up an unfortunate event occured costing her, her life. A dear friend of hers who she met on her travels would become victim to a unknown creature who only had death on its mind. Aria rushed to her aid vanquishing the creature, but also losing her life. Her story would have ended there, but a hidden magic inside of her blossomed that day a light surrounding her bringing back the lifeless unicorn, but she was no longer a unicorn, but a beautiful alicorn. Once she was released from the light she stood proud with her new wings proudly out a unicorn princess had passed, but a alicorn was born.

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I haven't put that much though into my OC, so forgive me if I'm leaving out details.


Name: Chloride

Age: 24 (picked a random age)

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Male


Slightly grey fur (#E3E3E3)

Green Mane (#00D315)

Faded-turqoise eyes (#5BAFAF)


Occupation: Works at a retail store, however he has been studying chemistry for 2 years, wanting to become a chemist.


No image yet, the only thing I have is a picture of my old OC.

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This may look a little unprofessional since I got someone else to draw him, but here you go.


Name: Cobalt Rush

Gender: Male

Race: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: Football

Known Magical Talents: Freezing and teleportation

Hobbies: Working out at the gym, playing buckball

Occupation: Equestria Sports Broadcaster


Backstory: Cobalt Rush was born in Canterlot just two days before Hearths Warming Eve. His mother, having lost her husband who fell ill and died while she was still pregnant, dedicated her life for Cobalt ever since the cold night in which he was born. Cobalt is now full grown, has been building a foundation for himself, and is engaged to his longtime marefriend.


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Name: Mintyheart
Nickname: Minty
Gender: Mare
Age: Mane 6 age
Cutie Mark: Symbol of joy with 4 hearts around it
Talent: Bringing joy to others

She was with Vanilla Swirl when she got her cutie mark. The day Vanilla came to Ponyville she was feeling a bit down. Minty ended up cheering her up! When Vanilla thanked her Minty got her cutie mark.
Her dad left when she was just a filly. She doesn't remember what he looks like. She very close to her mother, who lives in Ponyville.
Mintyheart has always stayed in Ponyville. She has her own house
She loves the night and stargazing. She doesn't care for the Equestria Games
She believes that everyone around her can be nice and friendly if they just try! She's quite dependent. Once she gets close to somepony she just loves getting attention from them.
She gets angry easily but doesn't show it. She usually gets angry if she messes something up.
Minty is pretty prone to being sad. When she's quiet around very close friends there may be something on her mind.
She's always happy being around her friends and mom. She'd spend all day with them

Likes: Being happy, friends, making ponies happy, sweets, ice cream, animals, magic, stars, the night, drawing, plushies.
Dislikes: Studying, fake ponies, being scolded, being told she's not good enough, wasps, snakes, spiders, any sports.





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I can't believe I haven't introduced her yet. Once again by the talented hands of @Crecious, I present to you Scarlet Willow! My...tenth OC... XD



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Name: Glacies Frost


Age: Young Adult


Gender: Male


Species: Unicorn


Appearance: post-39760-0-94702400-1485577775.png


Glacies is a full grown pony with light blue, almost white fur. His mane is a deeper sapphire blue with turquoise highlights. His horn is a bit on the longer side, and comes to a point. His eyes are a slightly lighter shade of blue than his hair. He's smaller in stature and build than many other male ponies of his age group.


Cutie Mark: A white snowflake on the cover of a black spellbook with a red ribbon.


Cutie Mark (image): post-39760-0-14625100-1485577676_thumb.png


Personality: Glacies considers himself a nice pony. He can be a bit smarmy at times, but he chalks that up to a sense of humor somewhat akin to that of the infamous Discord. He doesn't so much delight in suffering as he does in sheer novelty. He loves new experiences and knowledge, and will often get involved in things he probably shouldn't just to experience or learn something new about the world or himself.


He's kind, always willing to help a pony out when the chips are down. He may complain about it sometimes, but he's unlikely to give up on helping someone who's willing to help themselves. Past experiences have led the young pony to realize, however, that attempting to help those who have no interest in helping themselves is a fruitless endeavor, and after a considerable effort, he is likely to cut ties with ponies of this nature, not out of spite, but out of unwillingness to invest time and effort that they are not willing to invest alongside him.


He has a mind for trivia, and his mind is filled to the brim with all sorts of knowledge that many would consider useless. However, he has found that his penchant for trivia can be helpful at times, and uses this as a crutch when discussing his various topics of interest. After all, he might say, you never know what might come in handy down the road. Even he realizes, and will admit when grilled, that he will likely never make use of a good ninety-nine percent of the trivial tidbits roaming around inside his head. He is quite intelligent, and can usually learn, at least on a theoretical level, most things explained to him, though when he's out of his depth he will say so and ask for a more laypony explanation.


He has been seen having talks with himself, often debating the best course of action to take in a given situation, or sometimes muttering his plans under his breath, to keep himself on task when he is trying to focus on something. It is not uncommon to hear him actually call himself stupid or argue himself into a deadlock over two equally qualified solutions to a problem.


He loves watching ponies going about their day. He finds it quite enjoyable to just observe the goings on around him. It's not that he doesn't like taking part in life, however. It's really more than he enjoys just taking a moment... or an hour to sit back and take in the world around him passively. His pace of life is a bit slower than most, and he accepts this. This can often backfire when someone says or does something that was obviously a bad idea, however. As he watches the world around him so carefully at times, he easily empathizes with others. The pain they go through as a result of their decisions makes him cringe, as he understands the pain or embarrassment they can feel as a result of their actions. Seeing them go through it reminds him of times he has gone through those awkward or painful moments, and it makes him inwardly recoil in revulsion.


When angered, Glacies will begin to grumble and talk to himself in rather harsh tones. This is the sign that he has become irritated. As his agitation increases, he will become less and less likely to mask these grumblings from others. At the point when he finally reaches his critical peak of anger, when he's had all he can stand and can't stand no more, he completely shuts down all social contact, even with himself. His eyes glass over and he completely stops speaking.


It's quite common for him to attempt to calmly excuse himself from the company of anyone he's around at the time in order to wander off and have some time to cool off. If further agitated, he is likely to strike out at the last one to get under his skin in very harsh and critical terms, using his natural perceptiveness to, intentionally or not, cause some degree of emotional harm. As soon as he does this, however, he is apt to realize that he has just made a horrible mistake, and will apologize profusely for his actions. If not, especially during episodes where his stress is at such high levels that he fumes for hours, he will seek the one he attacked later and apologize, whether he is forgiven or not.


He doesn't seem to smile very often, but this is more due to a somewhat immobile expression than it is because he's never in a good mood. As such, he is used to being asked if he's in a bad mood. He takes it in stride and tries to explain that he's just not one to outwardly show emotion very often.


He enjoys the company of a few close friends, but is unlikely to feel comfortable in large groups. He is a natural introvert, and enjoys his time alone or with just a few friends, shooting the breeze.


Likes: Hot teas, iced teas, pie, ice cream, cake, salads with sweet and tangy dressing, trivia, books, pretty much anything novel, snow cones, cold weather, studying, pony watching (he'll often just sit in a public space and observe passers by).


Dislikes: Ranch dressing, ponies making bad choices within earshot (he facehooves internally every time), talking about very shallow topics like idle gossip, negativity in the face of a solvable problem


Backstory: Glacies grew up in Canterlot, surrounded by the air of regality the city seemed drenched in for pretty much the entirety of his life. He would often find himself staring up at the castle above the city with the goal of one day being invited there himself, to peruse the knowledge within at his leisure. His parents, a slightly less well-to-do unicorn couple, encouraged what they viewed as his ambition to climb higher and become something more than just another unicorn. What they didn't know, however, that it wasn't exactly ambition to become someone well known or great that drove their son.


It was a great and powerful lust for knowledge that drove the young unicorn. He studied and studied and eventually came to possess some degree of magical knowledge, enough, he hoped, to join the School for Gifted Unicorns that was headed by Princess Celestia. Try as he might, however, he could not figure out the secret to applying a majority of the magics that he had a working theoretical knowledge of. One day, while trying to light a candle using his magic, he became so irritated that he picked the candle up with the intention of throwing it at a wall. As it hung in the air, however, he noticed that it was beginning to crystalize in his telekinetic grip. He eyes the curious phenomena with excitement. He couldn't produce flame because it wasn't in his nature. It was just a fluke of fate that he couldn't use the most basic of lighting spells on a candle.


It was at that moment of realization that his cutie mark appeared, the black book with a white snowflake upon it. He didn't pay it much heed as he looked toward the School. He considered his options for a few days, but couldn't think of any way that someone with a magic as specialized as his would be able to get in. He could master the art of ice magic through the library and one of the less prestigious colleges, after all. Could he apply his knowledge to more general magic, or would he simply have to give up on attaining the knowledge he so desperately sought after?


He didn't see the harm in trying, so he applied to the School regardless. The tests were rigorous, and he showed promise. His final test was a practical examination, whereby he would be required to freeze a small, foal sized pool of water with his ice magic. He was confident this would get him in, so he focused with all his might on the little pool of water. It took time, as he was still new to his magic, but the water ceased motion and began to take on a mirror like sheen. Glacies wasn't done yet, however. He was determined to freeze the pool all the way through. It took more than ten minutes, but given the time, he was able to freeze it all the way through. White, frozen air pockets in the water misted the otherwise clear ice as the young Glacies collapsed onto his hindquarters in exhaustion.


He had passed, though only barely. Most of his time in the school was spent ravenously tearing through books on magic he'd never be able to use, but he did pick up a trick or two for the special few magics he was capable of using. He couldn't teleport or lift entire houses with a flick of his horn, but he could create with his ice, and eventually he also picked up a couple of other spells that weren't outside of his range. He graduated without honors, but hadn't exactly been concerned with his grades, more in just devouring any book put in front of him. He didn't pass with flying colors primarily due to his disdain for homework. His refusal to do any work outside of school hours dipped his grades a bit, not too much, but significantly enough to refuse him any honors.


After his graduation, he spent a few moons travelling Equestria. He knew that his life was still ahead of him, and he wanted to see if there was anywhere he would want to set up to see what he actually wanted to do with the talent he was born with, and the skills he had acquired over the course of his life. In time, he heard of the exploits of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, even learning during one of his trips to Manehattan that the young mare had become a princess in her own right.


The amount of knowledge the Princess of Friendship possibly possessed piqued Glacies's curiosity. He decided that his travels should next take him to Ponyville, just to get a grasp of the situation. He had no real expectation of meeting someone so important to Equestrian politics face to face, but he was hopeful that he might at least learn something from his fellow alumn.


"Perhaps," he said to himself as he opened a book and fell back into his train seat with an intent stare, "perhaps I'll learn something in Ponyville that I've never heard of before. After all, it's not every moon that a young pony becomes an Alicorn. That by itself should be interesting to study." He flipped the page in his book, one of the many tales of Hearth's Warming Eve, his favorite holiday of the year.


Other: [ice Elemental Magic] Ice Manipulation - Glacies has learned over the course of his studies how to control his special talent for manipulating ice. He can project beams of pure energy that can freeze a target at 50 feet or so. Combined with his telekinesis, he can even mold ambient moisture into various shapes and sizes, up to twice the mass of an average pony. He mostly uses this magic to create his favorite treat, ice cream, or for creating exotic ice sculptures for artistic expression.


Magic Lending - Not being one to mind sharing, Glacies learned early on at school that some of the more gifted ponies with magic might not have the endurance necessary for large scale spells on their own. If needed, he can draw upon his own magical reserves to provide just that extra push to a spell being cast by another unicorn or alicorn to prevent it draining the original caster too much.


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Name: Cupcake Sprinkles (Sprinkles) 
Type: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Appearance: Yellow-orange coat with a loose white mane and tail filled with colourful sprinkles. She has pink eyes and is normally seen with a smile on her face.
Cutiemark : A cupcake with sprinkles and a single candle.
Hobbies: Baking, flying, dancing, doing anything active and energetic.
Additional Details: She is the apprentice/assistant of my main OC Battenberg and is very close to her, seeing her as a mother like figure.
Name: Victoria Sponge (Victoria)
Type: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Appearance: Brown coat with long, straight red and white hair. She has purple eyes and wears reddish eye shadow.
Cutiemark : A Victoria sponge cake with a slice cut out and a queenly crown on top.
Hobbies: Baking, grooming herself, being alone.
Additional Details: She is Battenberg's sister but is nothing like her. She prides herself on her appearance and considers herself royalty. She hates others coming near her especially if they touch her mane and tail. She acts very stand-offish and selfish but she has a kind heart and loves her sister.


Name: Red Velvet (Velvet)
Type: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Appearance: Red coat with a white main with red streaks. She has yellow eyes and normally wears a small black choker.
Cutiemark : A slice of red velvet cake.
Hobbies: Baking, helping others, singing.
Additional Details: She is the oldest and most mature of my OCs and also the cousin of Battenberg and Victoria. She is a great singer and is known for her beautiful voice. She enjoys caring for other ponies and is always available to help out. Battenberg has always looked up to her as it was she who taught her how to bake as well as she does. 

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This is him in human form:




Name: Dark Nebula/Matter (The Dark Swordsman)


Age: None


Gender: Male


Relationships: Cero's henchman/Necrodeus's partner


Alliance: Both


Type: Alien/Dark Being


Height: 6' ft. 2"in.


Family: N/A (Works with Necrodeus/Cero)


Current Location: Outside Crystal Empire in a secret base


Hometown: Outer reaches of space


Voice: Sounds very strict and pretty low




-Almost all foods (except for sour stuff)


-Working alone for no one to bother him


-Being in the night sky


-Doing various experiments




-Being commanded


-Regular cake (prefers pie)


-Weak beverages


-When its sunny outside 


Represents: Fight


Powers/Abilities: Almost like Necrodeus/ Has Sword of Darkness


Cutie Mark: A dark mass with glowing violet in the back ground w/ stars




The Sword of Darkness:




Relationships: Partners with Lord Necrodeus (Usually works alone)


Species: A bit similar towards Necrodeus


Location: Vast outer darkness of Equestria




-Mastering his skills to get more powerful/stronger


-Likes to do battle against his foes for a test of strength


-Interested in finding out more about the powers of the Harmony sword


-Examines Equestria from his own power viewing orb


-Examines his enemies to find out their weaknesses


Dark Matter's palace:






He does remain to be unknown towards many and shows hardly any emotions. Reason is that he knows that is how his enemies can manipulate others. He does study a lot about the Sword of Harmony and tries to figure out its weakness as well.


He is very strong willed and won't ever back down from any fights. The only time he will if he sees that his enemy poses no threat to him. Still he does intimidate others like Necrodeus does. 


Yet he does have a mind of his own and does not fool around at all. He is more of a warrior that wants to become more stronger and likes challenges. To those who dare to.


He always is calm during fights and never lets his guard down at all times. Basically he is the type of being that you don't want to mess with or else you'll get fought just like his enemies. Its best to not come near him and say a word. 




He is known for being mysterious. Just like Necrodeus is and he does have the Dark Sword that is his. Necrodeus on the other hand has one as well. Somewhat like brothers in a odd way. 


Still they are just partners on the same page and intentions. He doesn't have parents and the origins of where he came from is unknown. Since he does live in the vast darkness just like his partner. 


He does have the time to examine what Equestria is up too. Without being detected at all. As long as he is using the power viewing orb he has personally to see.


His powers grow a bit stronger on occasions whenever he masters the Dark Sword. The sword is where his energy is and cannot be knocked out of his hands. Just almost the same abilities as his partner.


Except Necrodeus can beat him if he uses the Elemental 
Sword. Still they are equally matched when Necrodeus uses the same sword as he does.


Him and Necrodeus practice with each other using dark swords. It rarely happens and they both do deadly challenges with power. As a test of how strong they both are.


From there on, he might one day figure  out the true powers of the Dark Sword and the Harmony Sword. Still right now he remains quiet and continues his study on Equestria, even his enemies as well.



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Other side:




Name: Masked Commander


Age: 27


Height: 6'ft.


Type: Pegasus/Stallion/Alicorn(Horn broke off in past battles)/Mare (His father was a hybrid of Pegasus and stallion/ Mother is a hybrid of mare with alicorn)


Gender: Male


Relationships: Works Alone With Army and on occasions goes too ponyville to try to get along with others.


Location: Unknown (Some sort of HQ beyond outskirts)


Powers/Abilities: Perform precise lightning strikes with sword/Has the powers a mare has/Removes cape before battle by throwing it/Lightning quick when flying


Alliance: Unknown (At heart he is good)



Represents: Respect


Family: Unknown (Never knew them or met them, only heard of them. Couldn't find them and still is trying to on occasions privately.)


Current Location: HQ outside of Equestria/On side of the the unknown lands, just west of there.


Hometown: Ponyville (Used to battle for Equestria and lost his front hooves.)


Voice: Calm and strict like tone only from his computer voice (He never had one, cause his vocal cords didn't develop right.)




-Discovering more info on certain vital things


-Doing blogs on reports of his mission


-Sodas with strong fizz


-Buffalo wings (very spicy)




-Being bothered when in missions


-Sour candies


-Cheese cake


-Redoing his coordinates on locations during missions






Wears a helmet covering his left eye which is a analyzer (For protection) 


Holds a lightning sword


Has Nightmare Moon's eyes


Wears a thick black cape


Has a power beam canon built in his right hoof


His left hoof is a robotic like hand for use of lightning sword


Wears a suit (black/dark red/dark grey/grey collar)


Has a back compartment on his back for his robotic like wings 


Uses a computer voice button located on the upper right hoof (uses to communicate)



Cutie Mark: A black moon with stars




Masked Commander's palace/HQ:






Tends to keep it towards himself and has no voice cause of his vocal cords not developing. He will never let his guard down at all times and is fully aware of his



He commands a army of his own to search for secrets hidden in all empires. In search of something vital too extract and use too whatever his intentions are.


It is unknown of his name and the only thing that is noticeable is that he has the same colored eyes. Just like Nightmare Moon.


Even his pupils match hers. Since he is a mare, he almost behaves like one. Just intimidating towards his army and other who he faces to stand off.


Still the only way he communicates is through writing or by computer voice speaker in his right hoof above. He is very extremely strict with his orders and feels no emotions towards enemies. 


Yet for some odd reason he pauses for a minute of thought. As if he was recognizing some certain event, but shakes it off. 


His ways of battles is very dangerous and doesn't hold nothing back. He won't attack until he or she attacks. If he senses fear from his enemy, then he will leave them as they aren't his type of target.


Still whenever he meets a young girl at his age. Being so nice too him. He is much of a softy with them. As he shows affection and that he is more pony than machine.

Meaning he isn't really a robot, he is a good kind pony inside.




There is very little too his origins. All there is that he keeps a memento from someone he couldn't recall. Still something makes him keep it. It is theorized that he is mixed with mare and alicorn. Still his horn is missing.


Yet he has a robotic appearance and him having time to write certain blog entries in HQ is common. He does have robotic like wings in his back compartment and can fly at will.


Reason why he is masked is when he was injured in battle long ago. He was unconscious from deep pain and loss of fluids.


After he was escorted too a hospital for high advanced surgery on his lost front limbs. He lost who he is and who his parents were.


He even can't recall his name. For some reason he always looked at the moon, trying to recall his name. Still he can't and does not stress it out.


Considering he has a nightmare looking eye on side the other has a red cornea that is his analyzer. As robotic as he is, he does not tend to kill no one as he learned by looking at his photo of a female mare hybrid horse who he can't recall the name.


Knows that killing is not worth the effort and will call when the time calls it. 


Some reason suggests that he was bought back from the brink of death and couldn't recall what attacked him or who did. Still he tends to ignore that at times and continue on with his missions.


Too this day he has found a stone temple. Just in between the solar and lunar empires. Yet he had the piece he had found near the entrance of the temple. He used it, but for some odd reason it wouldn't open.


He retreated with his men and took the stone shard piece he found too HQ for further research if there is more shards to be found. To open the stone door. 


Does he tend on destruction or something else. Maybe, still his relentless pursuit of finding out where the rest of the sacred shards is active on occasions.


Always active and having no time to fool around. He is now figuring out more on the empires secrets and their powers.






Edited by Master Necrodeus
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Here's mine :D

Name: Rosebell

Type: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rosebell.png
Cutie Mark: cdf10b1210da5beb69ef87d2e4317148.jpg
Hobbies: Rosebell is always taking care of her garden. She loves watering her plants and Rosebell doesn't miss a chance to get out and have fun in a rainy day, splashing in each and every puddle. Also, she's always seen with her best friend, Cutie Pie.  
Additional Details: Rosebell is related to the Apple's Family. She lived in Apple Loosa and has moved to Ponyville recently. 

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Boom Cycle


cutie mark: ?  meaning dont really have a talent but always wonder.


age: 26


activity: gaming , watching movies, and cleaning


magic: levitate, teleport, find out of place details (kinda like finding gems that rarity does but instead details like something isnt finished)


likes: pizza, any kind of food ,hay burgers , gaming, nice ponies, being lazy at times.


dislikes: politics, bullys, being used, sad ponies (but i try to cheer them up) ads.......omg hate ads xD


and this is him. simple yes but hopefully will get better later on.



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Name: Spectra Phantos (A.K.A. The Reaper)


Nickname:  The Spectre 


Age: N/A


Gender: N/A


Relationships: N/A


Current Locaton: Beyond Vast Reaches of Darkness


Represents: The Dead


Hometown: Equestria


Height: Taller than the guards of Equestria 6'ft. 8"in.


Allegiance: Neither (Grey person)


Type: Unknown (A Stallion maybe)


Family: N/A


Spectra's place:






-Always hardworking


-Never lets its guard down at all times


-Very loyal towards Equestria


-Speak in cryptic language (ancient language)




-Has a occupation for being the reaper of Equestria


-Takes time in looking out for who is going down


-Roams around the night sky for the time being


-Keeps his list of the fallen ones on occasions




-The dark weather


-Keeping his occupation active


-The things in life that interest it


-Being poetic on rare occasions




-The living bothering the deceased


-Being bothered during  his burials


-When its very sunny outside 


-People being stubborn at not accepting things after life


Cutie Mark:


Scythes crossed with each other




-Floating usually 


-Its white bones shine in the night


-Carries a large massive scythe 


-Has dim red eyes


-Wears a dark grey cloak that is partially torn




-Can call the dead 


-Use its scythe as a boomerang and do basic attacks with it.


-Can fade in darkness and reappear behind opponent


-Can charge up scythe to perform a power slash attack (one or multi)



Back story:


The only things that are know for this being is that it is the reaper and it only comes when the time calls for someone. No one knows that much about Spectra. Everyone including the leaders dare not speak ill of the dead.


For it keeps the subjects in solitude. Always alone and never to be bothered by anyone. As they know when the bells toll. It will be tolling too the one that is next. For it will take he/she on the last ride and let he/she make their spot in its land of the deceased.


Where it got the cutie mark is not known so much. As if it had parents before or not. Theory is that it was earned from Equestria and it nobly showed that it will do its best as being in its occupation.


From there on it stands looking about to see who else comes across and what events in later times will take place.   

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Here are 3 OC's that I created and will be appearing in a future FIMfic.


I created these ponies in General Zoi's Pony Creator


I based each of these ponies on aspects of myself. 


I got the names from one of those Pony Name Generators. I typed in my full real name, selected my gender, and my pony race. And those names came up.


I don't own any of the cutie marks used for them.




Name: Brawny Charger
Nicknames: Big Brawn, The Charge.

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Earth Pony

Hometown: Manechester, Gritish Isles.
Current Residence: Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville

Accent: British

Occupation: Hired Farm Hoof, Former Gritish Army Soldier, Artist,

Mane Color/Style/Length: Blue with Single Red Streak/Short

Coat Description: White

Eye Shape/Color: Yellow

Accessories: Occasionally wears a black pageboy hat.

Allegiance: Good (The Princesses)

Cutie Mark: Charging Red Bull.

Special Talent: Massive Strength

Hobbies: Strength Training, Painting, Drawing, Hanging out with friends.

Interests: Military History

Family: Large Ham (Father), Toola Roola (Sister (older))

Friends: Windy Flare, Handsome Charmer, Big Macintosh, Applejack (Dating).

Personality: Honest, Hardworking, Noble, Cheerful, Strong sense of family. Strong sense of liberty and justice.

Flaws: Very distrusting towards Starlight Glimmer (Brawny hates tyrannical dictators). Doesn’t get along with the Pie family (Especially towards Limestone).

Character History
•Where is your OC originally from?
Brawny Charger was born in Manechester in the Gritish Isles. He comes from a long line of soldiers who fought to keep their country safe.
•How did your OC get his/her cutie mark? Brawny had gotten quite big and strong as a result of his strength training as a hobby. One day he saw a bull charging at a young filly trapped in the bull’s pen and he charged at and tackled the bull to the ground. Thus earning his cutie mark.
•How did your OC get to where he/she is today? Brawny Charger had once met and befriended Big Macintosh who had made a brief visit to the Gritish Isles. Brawny had promised that he would visit Ponyville once he got out of the army. He also made a promise to reunite in Ponyville with fellow soldiers Windy Flare and Handsome Charmer, both of whom he had befriended in the army. Once they reunited and made it to Ponyville, Brawny met and started dating Applejack.

Current Home
For the most part Brawny Charger lives in Ponyville in a guest house on Sweet Apple Acres. He works as a hired hoof on the farm bucking apples.




Name: Windy Flare
Nicknames: Fast Flare

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Pegasus

Hometown: Coltgary
Current Residence: Cloudsdale

Accent: Canadian

Occupation: Former Wonderbolt, Former Soldier, EMT, Part Time Pro Wrestler, Baritone in Coltgary Choir.

Mane Color/Style/Length: Black with yellow on the outer tips/Short

Coat Description: Red

Eye Shape/Color: Blue

Accessories: None

Allegiance: Good (The Princesses)

Cutie Mark: Flaming black and yellow lion

Special Talent: Rescue capability, Strong courage.

Hobbies: Pro Wrestling, Stunt flying, Singing, Saving lives, Hanging out with friends.

Interests: Sports (especially Hoofball and Hockey)

Family: Wise Heart (Father), Star Song (Sister (Younger)

Friends: Brawny Charger, Handsome Charmer, Spitfire, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy (Dating)

Personality: Loyal, Easy-Going, Noble, Funny, Athletic, Brave.

Flaws: Sometimes gets too competitive when it comes to sports. Has a bit of a temper. Lazy.

Character History
•Where is your OC originally from?
Windy Flare was born in Coltgary. He was raised in a wrestling family and trained in his fathers pro wrestling promotion.
•How did your OC get his/her cutie mark? One day he heard an injured pony lying down in the middle of a forest as a wildfire was approaching rapidly. He swooped down and rescued the pony just as the pony was about to engulf them. Thus earning his cutie mark.
•How did your OC get to where he/she is today? When he served in the army, he befriended fellow soldiers Brawny Charger and Handsome Charmer. After they all finished serving, they promised to reunite in Ponyville. It was there that Windy Flare met and started dating Fluttershy.

Current Home
Windy Flare has a home on Cloudsdale and works as a part time EMT at the Ponyville Hospital. Occasionally returns to his father’s promotion in Coltgary and wrestles a show from time to time.

Powers List
Can fly and walk on clouds




Name: Handsome Charmer
Nicknames: The Handsome One, The Charmer

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Unicorn

Hometown: Chicacolt
Current Residence: Ponyville

Accent: American

Occupation: Author, Former Soldier, Charity Fundraiser, Karate Black Belt, Chef. Part Time Detective.

Mane Color/Style/Length: Red with Blue gradient/Short

Coat Description: Grey

Eye Shape/Color: Purple

Accessories: Black round glasses

Allegiance: Good (The Princesses)

Cutie Mark: Scroll with rose pen.

Special Talent: Story writing, Romantic charm.

Hobbies: Fan Fiction, Karate, Studying, Cooking, Hanging out with friends.

Interests: History and Literature

Family: Minty (Cousin)
Friends: Brawny Charger, Windy Flare, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rarity (Dating)
Personality: Intellectual, Quiet, Polite, Generous, Friendly, Believes in treating a mare with respect and courtesy.

Flaws: Can be cynical, Tends to be reclusive. Has trouble letting go of past problems. Doesn’t trust Starlight Glimmer.

Character History
•Where is your OC originally from?
Handsome Charmer was born to wealthy parents in Chicacolt. He was well educated and graduated with honors.
•How did your OC get his/her cutie mark? Handsome Charmer was writing a romantic story for one of his classes and it was very well received by his teacher and class. After that, he received his cutie mark.
•How did your OC get to where he/she is today? Shortly after graduating, His parents were vacationing when their vacation spot was suddenly invaded by an army lead by an evil dictator. His parents didn’t escape alive. This motivated Handsome Charmer to join the army to stop that dictator. It was there that he met and befriended fellow soldiers Brawny Charger and Windy Flare. Once they succeeded in defeating the dictator, Handsome Charmer promised to reunite with his two new friends in Ponyville once they each ended their service. It was there that he met and started dating Rarity.

Current Home
Handsome Charmer still has his manor estate outside of Chicacolt. But he also lives in a smaller yet still big enough house overlooking Ponyville. He still writes various stories.

Powers List
Telekinesis, Teleportation, Magic,



Edited by BrawnyCharger
Being originally from the Midwest and giving these OC's aspects of myself, I decided to change Handsome Charmer's hometown. Due to certain events. I decided to have Windy Flare date Fluttershy instead of Rainbow Dash.
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Name: Aqua Sunshine 

Cutiemark: Blue heart surrounded by fire

Appearance: body is blue teal, black eyes, and a light blue mane with a few highlights

meaning of cuttiemark: the heart and fire means kindness and love for everyone. Love is the most important thing for me. post-40585-0-91128000-1487111355_thumb.jpg

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(Note: This a cross with Earthbound and MLP. Wanted to try something


different. So yes its Giygas in pony form ,but I have a different name for


him!Yay! :-P )



Name: Gigas (gei-gus)


Type: Unknown


Age: Unknown


Height: Formless (Any height)


Relationships: None


Alliance: Bad/Misunderstood


Represents: Distortion


Family: None


Cutie Mark: None


Current Location: Place of non existence


Hometown: Outer Space




-Wants to cause people to fight each other


-Tends to be by himself all the time


-Just to be there


-Occupation for being the Ultimate Destroyer







-People fighting


















-Has none and no mind anymore, almost. 


-Can almost speak slurry 


-Just has no emotions towards nothing


-Can't control his actions




-Can attack in unknown ways


-Copy any ponies power and use it against him/her


-His vapor formless body can dodge mostly any attacks


-Cannot go down by physical means




Its is just a mystery of what made him like this. It is theorized that he was attacking Unovas and trying to posses him. Failed to do so and Unovas was rescued by some mare.


He was then beaten, but not out. He later on find some place where no one can come too. Not even any powerful beings would survive here. As this place has no life or nothing existing at all. 


​His extremely unstable powers are controlled by him collecting his conscious and finding some other way to control it even more.  Right now he is in this form as you see there on top.


Alas, he is there with nothing existing, but him and somehow he is glad that way. Just waiting to gain full control of his powers and destroy existence as it is.









Edited by Gigas
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Name: Mirage


Gender: Male


Species: Griffon / Gryphon / Griffin


Age: Young Adult


Looks: Too hot, hot d*mn, call the police and the fireman


Cutie Mark: Nothing. Just a normal griffon butt.


Appearance: A dusty brown coat, with tan feathers on his front. Little swirls of lighter tan circle his body. Blue eyes, and a long tail with a dark brown patch of fur at the end. Normal griffon sized, which is a little bigger then a pony. A little skinnier than a normal griffon, and his feathers are normally a little messy. Has rags wrapped around all for legs, to keep the dust off him, and to use for various tasks in the Appleoosa desert.


Backstory: Crappy parents, wanted to leave the Griffon Kingdom, normal angsty teen runs away from home and travels to Equestria. Ends up working in the Appleoosa orchard and clearing the skies there. Still working on the details..


Likes: Apples, unicorns, the desert, Braeburn (Who doesn't like Braeburn?), the buffalo, meeting new ponies, reading, eating, apple cider, day dreaming, flying in the clouds


Dislikes: Peaches, Mangos, the cold, Pinkie Pie, Griffon Racism, being interrupted when reading, forgeti  forgotin not remembering how to spell things, when the cider is gone (Why is the cider gone??), running into things while flying in clouds, being interrupte-





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Name: Nightcore Wizard


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Type: Stallion/Zebra/Alicorn/Dark Being (How got those species is when he was a dark being. He combined the dna with himself, thus having this appearance.)


Alliance: Bad


Represents: Trickery 


Height: 14'ft. 


Current Location: Unknown Regions (All around Equestria at random times, only at night)


Hometown: All of Equestria (He plagues people with nightmares)


Family: N/A


Relationships: None


Cutie Mark: Dark black glass sphere with stars and crescent shaped moons


Voice: Sounds mischievous and maniacal 




-Doing nightmares


-Scared people




-Observant of Equestria to pick out target




-When someone interferes with his work 


-Bright days


-Mane Six (they always get in his way)


-Discord (Was going to partner up with him)




-Always in mid air 


-Wears a long robe with stars and crescent designs


-Has a gold chain with pendant attached too shoulder pads


-Wears sharp looking shades and never takes them off


-Has a black and dark grey zebra mane w/ horn




-Can charge up to shoot energy projectiles one or multi


-Can try to go upside down to impale victim




-Can fly super fast to catch up with target


How he got the mark: 


He got it by causing a lot of people to have nightmares and feed on fear. Then right now he does this on occasions from being bored.




-Has a vile attitude and sometimes laugh at people being scared by him


-Can get really bored at times and go into people's minds to cause nightmares or mess with their sub conscious


-He does like it when people challenge him and knows how to make them weak


-Always tries to be variant with his ways of causing nightmares




He is the nightmare wizard as most may call him that. As he continues on what he does best. Since, Equestria don't think of him, yet are aware of his presence in nighttime.


As he causes fear upon many innocent foals or any other types of life. Mostly he tries to find ways to beat the Mane Six as they are troublesome too him. Even Celestia managed to beat him on a few battles.


Yet still he manages to come back and get more powerful. The only thing that he knows can beat him is the Stones of Equestria. Only just for now he will remain beaten. 


Right now as it is. Nightcore remains observant of Equestria and picking out the right time to attack certain members of the Mane Six to render the entire empires helpless. From there on, he will cause as much nightmares as he wants too the


defenseless people of Equestria. After that he wants to rule this land and make his whole world a place for nightmares to live. 

Edited by Master Necrodeus
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