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Decided to post Ocean again since she got an upgrade since the last time I posted here. :P 

Name: Ocean Breeze

Gender: Female

Race: Hippogriff

Pronouns: She/her



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Not sure if this is the right board but oh well. If it's not, feel free to move it. Like the title says, post your OC ponies here. Anything goes. It could be your ponysona, just some random character

Name: Kiri Type: Kirin Gender: Female   Age: Young Adult  Other Details: All over here

It's my first pony oc, I hope it's good!

Posted Images

I've updated Calamity a lot, but I thought I posted here before? Hm, I guess I haven't..

Name: Calamity

Species: Draconequus

Gender: Genderless- She/Her (Considering she was created from off-balance forces, she doesn't-... no comprehendy)

Coat Color(s): Charcoal colored coat, with a salmon colored underside.

Mane Color(s): Hot pink

Eye Colors(s): Plum

Additional Color(s): Cream colored Zebra leg, fuchsia colored pony leg, dark lime rose-ringed parakeet arm, sand colored cougar arm

Hobbies: She loves to study history for sure, but when she's not, she's usually building or fixing things.


Art by ChosenTreat

History/Lore: [I'm going to put her backstory for my AU here, since it's pretty much all I got]

She was created by natural forces due to Equestria being thrown off balance, which was caused from the First Alicorn Order being kidnapped by Lavan.
She and Erebus were rivals who fought to also gain Catrina's amulet, the one Discord had stolen from her, and the one that Tirek gained from his 'brother', although he just found it under Canterlot before being thrown into Tartarus. Only then was the amulet given to Scorpan by Star Swirl, as a symbol of brotherhood and strength.

Calamity was a creature that nobody on the island -those who inhabited at the time- wanted to be near or accidentally provoke, as she could control the weather much like Erebus, creating terrible natural disasters, and with their power combined in combat against each other, it was never anything you'd want to get in the way of.

Everyone eventually fled the Realm of Darkness to Equestria, which resulted in legends about her, tales which had made their way to Discord, so he knew quite a bit about some 'tall tales' of her before he found her, but he had never actually seen her until he brought her in.

Celestia and Luna eventually used the Elements of Harmony upon her, which was the cause of her banishment to the Chaos realm and her memory loss. They agreed to never mention it to anyone, however, Celestia allowed Star Swirl to keep a secret record in the archives.

Eventually, many years after, Discord finds her floating in Chaosville unconscious. He decides to just take her in and eventually taught her to control her magic. After introducing themselves and finding out who she is, he only teaches her to control her magic because, as much as he hated to admit it, he was terrified of what she was capable of

She's a student at the School of Friendship, and really only cares about the friendship history class. She ends up finding out about her history, as does everyone else, causing the new Elements of Unity to be used on her, with the magic of Catrina's amulet, in which she is concealed.

A few years later, Tirek once again escapes from the deepest part of Tartarus, only to find the amulet had been locked away there as well. He uses it, not realizing that the magic isn't from the amulet itself, but Calamity, and ends up releasing her from it. From there, they form a team-up, and take over the Realm of Darkness.

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I’ll update with artwork once that happens but

Name: Angelbat Coils (The name is a mash of some band names )

Gender: Female

Species: Crystal Pony

Appearance: Angelbat Coils is a Cyber Goth Crystal pony. Her overall color is Liliac. She has a dark purple pigtail style mane(like pacific glows mane.) with lilac and white cyberlocks(synthetic locks) mixed in. Across her forehead she has white goggles with a white biohazard symbol on them and occasionally she will have on a black and white gas mask to match. Her tail is dark purple straight and short. She has grey eyes.

Cutie mark: Her talent is Poetry. While it’s not the most creative cutie mark, I gave her a black book with a Dark purple biohazard symbol on it and a pen is writing in the book. The biohazard symbol being a cybergoth reference and the book+pen being a connection to poetry. 

She is pretty much the creation of an original Cybergoth character cosplay I had for myself years ago. However because I couldn’t find anything lilac and purple at the time my cosplay ended up being dark blue and black. I pretty much gave her the look I had originally envisioned for myself. Since I couldn’t make it happen irl, I gave it to my oc.

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I don't have an OC, but I have my designed pony-fied self, or "ponysona".... who I recently got in the mail in plush form!

Back when people were making themselves ponies I figured I'd jump on that train, and I figured out who I felt like I would be- a yellow pegasus dude with brown mane and tail. My yellow was inspired somewhat from Spitfire, who I adored.

And now...!


It feels amazing to be holding myself like this, I adore it!

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Well, might as well post my OC here as well. Though I might do a bit of editing every now and then

Name: Dusky Wings

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: A mountain with a sun setting behind it

Hobbies: Adventuring, Flying, Practicing his magic

  • Has an artifact strapped under his right wing



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While I'm at it, I want to bring up another OC I made. (Mostly for fun and I just wanted to make an OC that's not a pony or commonly seen in MLP: FiM)

Name: Caeda

Gender: Female

Species: Dolphin

Hobbies: Cheering others up, Playing

Talent: Caeda doesn't have a cutie mark, but is good at cheering others up


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Introduce to my OC character, JOJO! He's the current mascot for my blog: JMtv Studios. This character is actually based off of me, but more or less, an exaggerated version of myself, in terms of design.

Here's an origin story behind this character:

It goes all the way back to 2013. Ever since I got into FiM, I saw a whole bunch of fans on Deviantart and YouTube had their own pony OCs. I figured that maybe I should do one on my own. My original character name was Jackelmagnet76. I don't know why I came up with that name at the time because it didn't have any sort of meaning, but I thought it was cool back then. I did revised my character for years as I grew older and my drawing skills gradually started to improved, but then around 2016, I pretty much stopped at the age of 17 due to three reasons:

1. After watching Season 6 of FiM, I was getting burned out on FiM and My Little Pony in general that I had to take a break from the franchise all together.

2. I was focusing on other cartoons such as Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Harvey Beaks, and to a lesser extent, The Loud House, at the time.

3. Lack of interest. The reason why I'm not interested in doing my pony avatar anymore was because it didn't really fit me anymore, the more I do think about it. It may be a cool thing for a while, but the novelty of it started to wore out very quickly. I had no choice but to abandoned my pony avatar all together. Though, in hindsight, I'm actually kinda glad that I didn't use my pony avatar anymore because looking back on it, it hasn't really aged well.

While the next character I created wasn't like a huge deal to me, but I want to do something different. Around the summer of 2016, after I drew so many pre-existing characters, I felt the need to create new characters on my own to break up the monotony. I originally drew a funny looking cat and a small hummingbird named Rascal and Petunia. It's a little silly fun idea that I had in mind, but then it grow up from there. I added in more characters into the mix, wrote some story ideas about them, drew some concept art, and create different characters and stories and trying to connect in one universe.

I was trying to go forward with it, but then in late 2018, the project has been delayed. The reason why I delayed the project was because I got back into Cartoon Network and got into shows like Steven Universe, OK K.O Let's Be Heroes!, and Craig of the Creek. Not to mention, I was rewatching old shows that I haven't seen in a long awhile like Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls 1998. On top of that, I was busy focusing on making fanart and tributes to Cartoon Network's past and present shows as opposed to my Rascal project. Once I was finished my Cartoon Network tributes, I got into the Looney Tunes franchise in 2020 in order to watch the then-new Looney Tunes Cartoons on HBO Max and make fanart of them too. My interest in the Rascal project had diminished further and further and once I finally did got back to do the project, I gave up. Looking back on it, it felt so derivative and it didn't really grab me as I hope it would. So I decided to scrapped the project completely.

Now, this is where Jojo's creation comes in!

Around late 2020, I was thinking about rebranding my blog from scratch for the new year because after so many years with different experimentations and trying to find an identity for myself and my blog, but all of them didn't really worked out. However, a couple months earlier, I discovered that Disney Channel releasing their animated shorts on their YouTube page called "Disney Chibi Tiny Tales" in which is a short format series featuring Disney Channel characters from past and present in a cute chibi animation style that was inspired by Japanese anime. I thought it was cute and really enjoyable for what it is. Once more shorts keep popping up and popping up, the chibi art style really grew on me immensely. Heck, I drew several of them just for fun and giggles. Once I was finished with my chibi drawings, I take a second look on my chibi caricature of myself, I thought it would be a perfect idea to use this character as my permanent mascot for my blog because It fits so well for me and I absolutely adore it so much. He looks so playful and so fun and I can do whatever the heck I want with him without any pushbacks.

I was originally going to called my mascot "JM", but I change into "Jojo" instead since I think the name fits better for him.

And that's how Jojo was born!

Name: Jojo

Gender: Male

Species: Human being

Hobbies: Drawing and sketching.


Plus, he has a "secret" hobby by playing with his chubby belly when no one is around and he loves playing with it. Making tummy talks with kissing noises, belly rubbing, patting and drumming, squishing and jiggling with his belly, and fingering his belly button. (don't question/judge his weird taste. He just loves it)

Talent: Always, always, always love to draw! Especially drawing cartoon characters the most.



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