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*Hiss!* Hi there! *Hiss!*


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MLP Forums, it's a pleasure to meet you. First things first.


I was referred here by a friend, who goes by the name of Cartophile. If anyone is unfamiliar with me, I used to be a member of a smaller pony forum, which went by the name of Ponyville Forums. The site has an almost identical layout to this one, so I applaud the administrators for making me feel at home. Unfortunately for me, PF crashed this Spring and never came back up. Thus, I was disbanded. I am now a member of AvP Galaxy Forums, but I see that it won't be the only forum I shall partake in.


I was a brony since December 2011, where I fell in love with the sheer awesomeness of this phenomenon. I also found myself obsessed with the Alien franchise since August 2012. I also managed to get a small dose of anime this summer, but those shows weren't anything like Evangelion or Attack on Titan, if you're wondering (though I may get into AoT in my spare time).


As in the norm, ask me away!


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Hiya Xenopone! biggrin.png


I'm glad to see that you feel at home here. 


I hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions, feel free to ask around or refer to the FAQ


Oh, and there also seems to be quite the lot of anime loving folk around here, so I guess you can contribute to their threads too! smile.png

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Guest DJ Hydrolicious

Whats up Xenophone. I hope you will have a great stay here. I know you will make friends.

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Thank you all for the welcome; I'll be sure to stay.


If you would be so kind, I will take tomorrow to explore the forums. I'm also keeping an eye out for Cartophile.

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Why hello there, Xenopone!


Be careful, Predator-pony is here somewhere! biggrin.png


I hope you enjoy the forums, i'm sure you'll fit in snuggly biggrin.png



Why thank you. I luv luv luv Snowdrop.


But Predapony!? ohmy.png angry.png


Just kidding, I'm sure he and I will be the best of buds.

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