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I work as a small-time accountant, at days I work at a toys factory as the 'living calculator' (I'm the one who kept the steady flow of stuff going in and out)


Needless to say I nearly broke my back running to and fro, but damn it was fun :P

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Shit, where do you live where minimum is $9.65? It's just over $9 here, although I make 9.25. I work at Panda Express, serving food and working a cash register. I also clean, move stuff around, or do whatever needs to be done. I also live at home, but am out of school, so I have more time to work. I usually have 20-30 hours a week, less than I'd like, but pretty good.


I also volunteer at a local retirement center, and have been doing so for almost two years. Several managers there have more or less said I'm first in line if something I'm qualified for opens up, so that's good. They're expanding the facility, and might need another activities coordinator, and since I volunteer in activities, I'd probably be high on the list of potential hires :)


Quebec, Canada

I did a little ressearch and apparently,excluding the territories the minimum wages range from $9.40 to $10.25 depending on the province. (Also the minimum wage in Nunavut is 11$/hour it seems)

Keep in mind that these are in Canadian dollars though.

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High School student, dishes, on-and off volunteering, I guess I'm kind of boring... D:

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I'm currently unemployed. I used to work at a hardware store. But I moved to a different city for school and I'm currently living on campus. The trip to and from both cities can take up to 4 hours sometimes. I didn't think it was worth that commute every weekend to work. I'm thinking of looking for on campus employment, though.

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I'm an unloader at Walmart.. I unload trucks. Or that's what it seems like anyway.


EDIT: If you read the reply below (by Colonel Flutterklopp XXII) you'll get the gist of what I do. I mostly work on breakboxes (Breakpacks, I call the breakboxes because of what they seem to do best, break.)


I started in November 2009, and was a Pets Sales Associate for my first year. I worked with the fish!


EDIT: What I want to do: I always wanted to be a computer technician, but I was too distracted during college classes. I don't like sitting at a desk all day doing the same thing over and over. I want to be "different" each day. When I was younger, I'd used to pull out a tape recorder and record my own voice overs, just for fun. And I have fond memories of playing Perfect Dark Co-op on Nintendo 64 doing stupid things and adding voices to go with it.


And when I beat a Frontier Brain in Pokemon Platinum/HG/SS, I get excited and scream and shout, why, I don't know.


So my mom suggested acting, but I can't stand on stage or in front of a camera without getting nervous. So I think I'm going to go a different way and work in Voice Acting. Its something that's always been in the back of my head, and its something I can imagine would be really, really fun.

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I'm a full time college student, right now just focusing on the gen-ed courses. and I also work at Wal-Mart a very consistent 32 hours per week.


My Official title at Wal-Mart is "Second Shift IMS Receiving Associate", but my main objective over there is quite simple; I unload trucks. Each day there is one, sometimes two, trailers to unload, and each trailer is 53' long, and roughly 10' tall x 8' wide. We have a manual conveyer belt that we stick into one end of the truck, and it extends to about 125'. One end of the conveyer belt goes into the truck, the other lines the backroom, where there are pallets on each side designated for each department. One person (Usually me) is in the truck, and throws boxes onto the conveyer, while the others are alongside sorting the items by department number ( Just ask me and department, I'll give you it's number :P ) There is also one other persone at the end of the line, sorting Breakpacks. Breakpacks are boxes of small loose items that have mixed departments. The items within these breakpacks must be sorted by half aisles, which I mostly have memorized cause I have been working there too long.


Once the truck is unloaded, and the breakpacks sorted, we all go on our break. When we get back, we head on over to Grocery Receiving, on the opposite side of the store and downstack pallets of grocery. Unlike the General Merchandise (GM) trucks, the grocery trucks come in on pallets. Most are already sorted well enough that we do not have to touch them, but there are always at least three pallets that we must pull down, and sort by half aisle. We have given names to each half aisle to make them easy to remember. Each aisle is labeled by a single number, but each half aisle is labeled with a letter followed by a number. the first Aisle we deal with is aisle 4, which is split into aisles A8 and A9. A9 is seasonal and we don't have to worry about it. Here's a list of the Aisles, and the names we have given them for ease of remembering.


Aisle 4 A8: Coffee (Quite simple, right?)

Aisle 5 A10: Condimental Fives ( I came up with this one, cause it's full of condiments, get it? :P )

Aisle 5 A11: Mexican Fives (All the Hispanic foods are here, plus a few odds and ends from other foreign ethnic groups)

Aisle 6 A12: Asian Sixes (Cause it's where the Asian food goes, of course. There is also canned meats, fish, and bagged beans and boxed meals, but it's all easy to remember if I just say Asian, right?)

Aisle 6 A13: Canned sixes (All canned goods except soups, fruits, and noodles go here)

Aisle 7 A14: Soupy Sevens (You guessed it, Soup... and canned fruits and also noodle meals such as Ramen... Oh yeah and boxed potatoes :D )

Aisle 7 A15: Saucy Sevens (Pasta, pasta sauce, canned noodles such as spaghettios, boxed meals, but with noodles, and the odd one out: Peanut butter and Jelly)

Aisle 8 A16: No name for this aisle, but it contains core ingredients for baking, such as flour, sugar, corn starch, and things like cooking sprays

Aisle 8 A17: This one is baking mixes, such as cupcakes, cookies, as well as spices, sprinkles, some types of pancakes and other such miscellaneous baking goods.

Aisle 9 A18: Breakfast, this side contains Malt-o-Meal knockoffs, granola bars, fruit snacks, oatmeal, syrup, and the rest of the pancake mixes.

Aisle 9 A19: all the breakfast that was not on A18

Aisle 10: Paper goods

Aisle 11: Toilet paper, and chemicals

Aisle 12: More Chemicals

Aisle 13: Soda and juices


Yeah, I got a bit lazy there at the end, oh well. Let's continue with a typical day at Wal-mart, shall we?


After Grocery is down stacked, we work on a few picks, which are items the S.M.A.R.T. (It's totally flawed) system decides need to be added to the shelves. Then we head to lunch.


As soon as we get back from lunch, we begin to pull all the crap we unloaded, out to the sales floor. This is the fun part, we get to play reverse Frogger. We pull the pallets of freight out with pallet jacks, and they do not stop easily at all. It's like we are the car's in Frogger, and the customers are the frogs, and our objective is to get to the opposite side without killing anyone! (Goddamn those little kids who just CHARGE right out in front of me, I have to jam my foot into the wheel to get it to stop, and my boots are ruined cause of it) It is so much fun! </sarcasm>


Anyways, once we get all the stuff out, we either bin non-basic stuff, which is items for specific events such as the release of the latest twilight at midnight.... where there were at least 80 people clogging up the main aisle, causing my to take an extra mile walk to get to where I needed to be. Binning is sticking stuff into designated location in the back, so we know where to find them in the future. And if we are not binning, we are picking, which is the opposite of binning.


Also, on Sundays we do what is called a back fill. We take stacks of empty pallets, RPCs, and Breakpacks, and load them back into an empty trailer to go to the distribution center. I always enjoy this, cause I get to ride the forklift (no one else is trained on it right now :P ) and riding the forklift is fun :D I see it as getting payed to sit down ;)


And now for my third and final job; I am a moderator for MLPForums.com. This isn't so much a job as it is volunteer service (Especially since I give money to Feld0 rather than the other way around :P ) But basically it does fall under the description of a job. So yeah, I'll call it a job ;)


And there you have it, my ridiculously long post of what I do. I hope you enjoyed it :D



For those TL;DR peoples: Full time college student, who unloads trucks at Wal-Mart, and moderates these here forums.

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I spend most of my time as a student, but DJ parties when I have spare time and get called to help out with tech stuff at venues every once and a while. As far as steady employment goes, I work part time during the summer as a part of the technical team for a partnership with an a/v company and the meyer sound corporation to put on a movies in the park event for the city. Been doing it for 4 years and I've been called back to work a 5th season this summer :P May be getting a job as a part time audio engineer soon though xD
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I work at an arcade in my home town. Its a fun place to work but a drag at the same time. The reason is beacuse we have to deal with a lot of little kids and its really hard to keep a stairt face some times.

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I work at an arcade in my home town. Its a fun place to work but a drag at the same time. The reason is beacuse we have to deal with a lot of little kids and its really hard to keep a stairt face some times.


I work at an arcade in my home town. Its a fun place to work but a drag at the same time. The reason is beacuse we have to deal with a lot of little kids and its really hard to keep a stairt face some times.


Nice. Favorite arcade game?


I live in space and watch cheesy movies and make fun of them with my robot pals.

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Cashier? Office Executive? Super Secret Agent?


What do you do for a living?


If not for the monies, then what sort of jobs do you do around the house, in the community, etc.


:D <(I'm a cashier for Publix Supermarkets!)


I have merged this topic with a previous topic due to extreme similarities.


Anyway, I already posted my answer earlier in this new merged topic, but... I basically do nothing. For more short-term jobby choices, I will probably work at some minimum wage thankless job or on-campus to whatever college I am planning on attending if I can get into the program.

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Currently unemployed (I'm too young to work where I live), but I have so many things planned. I either want to be a musician, game designer or animator. Or maybe all three!

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