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Hoofsounds, Alicorn Radio and.... Alicorn Video!?

Ethan Pow

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Hey ya everyone, it took sometime to get access to my account again since the migration for the mlpforums to "poniverse"... I wanted to make a topic about hoofsounds and as well alicornradio as well.


What is hoofsounds?


A Google Chrome (and coming soon to Firefox) application that adds a button next to your address bar where you can select a radio station and even livestream... if they are active you can listen in or watch... plus there is a chat button to join a station's IRC chatroom.


Not all Brony Stations are listed, Maybe no permission or no interest adding the station or stream. 

Alicorn Radio and Alicorn Video


For sometime now, Alicorn Radio had a livestream account established and pretty recently they got their channel verified (IE no user watch limit) this allows more content for Alicornradio to provide to the brony community. IE lets plays, podcasts, live interviews, tournaments, Artist sessions and musician songcasts with webcam in the mix.


((Alicornradio is looking for more content to stream on it's channel... give me a ring if your interested.))


What is this topic for?


Discussion about hoofsounds and its stations and livestreams... any input you like to place it if you got to talk to the staff itself about its design or compatibility. What is your favorite station and why?... 

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