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Hullo, Everypony!


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My name's Ink Spill. (That's my OC's name. Not giving any personal info, sorry.)


I love to draw, paint, write, read, and play video games. Hehe. I'm pretty much a geek, I'm in so many fandoms.


It all started before I was even aware that "Bronies" existed. I was babysitting my little sisters and sat down to watch it with them. The season finale of season 2 just happened to be the episodes we watched. Next thing I knew, I told my Mum that I loved the show.


I've seen every episode in existance. Man, I love that show. I'm pumped for season four!


I mainly joined this site for some new brony friends. I have plenty of nice friends in real life, but, I've only met one other brony and we don't really talk much.


Thanks for reading, everypony!

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Yay new people :D

Based on your interests would i say, that you are gonna find a whole lotta likely minded people and friends here. The forum is a wonderful place full of wonders. (just like equestria :P)

I hope your gonna have a wonderful time here. :)


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Guest DJ Hydrolicious

Hello InkSpill and welcome to these forums of mlp. I hope you have a great time here.

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before I was even aware that "Bronies" existed

HI there Ink Spill !! I allso found out about 2 moths ago that bronies exist! "one thing we have in common" Allso really looking forward to season 4 laugh.png Hope you enjoy your stay here with us laugh.png 

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