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A new prince Has arrived from Stallington


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Greetings there everypony My name is Prince Starphoon Amethyst Pisces Cyan Velocity.I am a 15 year old British Secondary Student From Swindon and  I am new here and i have been a brony for 3 years now and i decided it was time to do something big (for example please subscribe to me (princestarphoon1)on you tube and i will promise some great videos as well as a tour of Stallington on Xbox 360 (Ghostforce 2002 is the name) but for now i am just trying to get the money to begin recording.My goal is to have a few Pony's out there to join our group of the elements of creation as i am the element of water and i have one elemental stallion as earth already so i am looking for:

☺Fire elemental`s (both 1 stallion and 1 mare)

☺Water elemental(1 mare)

☺Earth elemental(1 mare)

☺Air elemental`s(Both 1 stallion and 1 mare)


Thank you and i hope for your reply


From the Water Prince


Prince Starphoon Amethyst Pisces Cyan Velocity



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