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One is dying and she is in labor while dying. Dad will be an adoptable along with the twins. Ignore the little writing below. SOmeone wrote on my paper and Idk what it means.

The male is a rather tall pony because he IS half horse. Though his parents arnt alicorns, his mom is a pegasus and his father is a unicorn. He was a unicorn when he was born but he feel into a toxic waist when he was tiny. His wings sprouted and is light green coat turned dark. His eyes became black and an icy blue and his cutie mark is because he kinda likes to freak people out. Behind the face is a peace symbol since he was originally a peace keeper.. His mane wasnt spiky and had silver in it untill after the incident. The toxic waist however (if he absorbs more of it) will enhance everything. Such as his magic, wing span, height, width, intelligence, life span, and emotions. He met the pony when he was a filly and back then he was treated bad. After a while she became a good friend and after her... 'incident' she became much more to him even though he didnt let anyone know untill they were older. LOVERS TILL THE END!!!

The pony had a different story. She was born from a very rich earth pony family. So it was obvious she would be popular in school. Most would think she would be snobby as hell, but she was actually an amazingly sweet pony. Her eyes were a light pink and her coat was a light pretty blue. Her hair looked the same however. She got her cutie mark early for her love of keeping peace with everyone was her goal. She feel in love with the strange monster colt that everyone really disliked. It was love at first sight for her. She eventually got really close to him. One day her and her love stubbed across a very similar substance to the toxic waist the monster colt had fell in. He was able top confirm that it was the same stuff. So later that day she went and gobbled some up even though she told everyone she slipped. The next day she came to school looking like the monster colt. Black and pick eyes, blue coat even darker before. Yup. Her parents blamed her crush/love for this happening.

Growing up they had some trouble. The mare killing a few times to protect what was precious to him (you know. The usual). Eventually they got married and moved into a forest. The pony became pregnant and on the day of her labor a few upset villagers (cuz their old) came and chased them out. One ended up stabbing the pregnant pony in the chest with a carving knife. SO~ The alicorn killed them. Dying the pony told her husband to cut open her stomach once she was asleep and raise the filly (she didnt know she had twins). Yup that was her dying wish. They said there good bye's and she died. He did as he was told and found out that she would have gave birth to a filly and a colt. He was happy to see the look likes. (btw, mom died in the evergreen forest. He used magic to escape the everything.) He then used magic to transfer his house to the evergreen forest where his wife had died. He then raised the children like she wished.








Ignore the effing worms. Idk who did it to my paper or what it means.. so ignore it




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