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Open Sunrise in Kemare't: A Pony Ancient Egypt RP


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A long time ago, in a land of barren wasteland with the lifeline being a single river where everypony happens to live flourishes as much as the kingdom of this unified nation. There is a revolt going on this land due to a long "drought" as the prized river hasn't flooded in this year as it usually has done for ages and a phenomenon that usually is a rare occurrence in this kingdom by the river. Starvation is now all over the kingdom as foals which usually are euphoric, running across the streets of the city now are condemned to their houses made out of adobe and rock. Due to this the peasant's revolt is now spreading across the whole nation. You will see the stories of the struggle and fight of the peasants against the mighty aristocracy and they might actually be able to "triumph" against them . Well will just to wait and "find out".

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OOC: This takes place right after the events in Merywset's pre-Canon era backstory. /OOC



Merywset could feel the eyes of the courtiers and guards upon her, as palpable as the rays of the new morning Sun, which were even now beginning to drive away the chill of the Long Night.  The alabaster paving stones and limestone columns of the Khepri Shrine sparkled with encrustations of frost crystals that had accumulated in the freezing dark.  Soon they would lose their battle with Re's warming light, but for now they glittered with defiant beauty.  Merywset could feel a new weight on her shoulders: physically, wings that she flexed experimentally; metaphorically, a heavy responsibility for restoring order and prosperity to the Two Lands.[1]


Bowing her head to show respect to the Sun, she backed down from the dais as the ritual required, then turned to face the priests, Nomarchs, and the Royal Guards with their commander.  All had served Kheftiu-Re; most had benefited handsomely from his plunder of the ponies of the Two Lands.  Some of them were wide-eyed with surprise, others fear.  The eyes of some held calculation.


Kheftiu-Re glowered at her.  Without his towering Alicorn stature, his finely pleated royal cloak pooled around his feet like a grownup's garment on a foal.  His wings, shrunken to ordinary size, no longer manifested royal grandeur when spread in the traditional pose.  The Double Crown itself seemed diminished on his head.  His forehead was now smooth, bereft of the proud, backward-curved horn that had once protruded there.


"You have done your work," he hissed, "but I am still Per-a'a, the Living Herw, Lord of the Two Lands!"


"Are you?" Merywset replied.  "A Per-a'a who cannot steer the Boat of Millions of Years[2] is no Per-a'a.  A Per-a'a who cannot wield magic to protect and care for the Two Lands is no Per-a'a.  And most importantly, one who will not govern in accordance with Ma'at[3] is no Per-a'a."  With that, she levitated the Double Crown from Kheftiu-Re's head, rotated it as she brought it near, and set it on her own, sliding its forehead-notch neatly over the base of her horn.  I am Neferuhetep Ankhesenma'at, she thought in a deep state of concentration, conferring upon herself a Name of Power that only she could ever know.  There was a tingling in her hooves as the powers of Nature began to connect with her and she to them, like new lovers sharing a brief, blushing first kiss.  It would take time, meditation, and practice for her to truly unite herself with them.  I hope that I will have that time...




"This is treason!  Treachery!" Kheftiu-re shouted, looking to the Commander of the Royal Guard for any indication of continued support.






1. This is a reference to Upper and Lower Egypt, the southern and northern halves of the realm, respectively.  "Upper" Egypt is so designated because it is closer to the source of the River.


2. The Sun.


3. "Ma'at" is a term that connotes truth, justice, and the proper order of society and the Cosmos.  In our world, it was embodied as a goddess with a feather held in her head-band.  The Egyptian judgment of the dead took place when the heart of the deceased was weighed against the Feather of Ma'at.  If the scales did not balance, the deceased was fed to a devouring monster and could not enter a blessed afterlife.

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Star Belle, AKA Nur Layla here, looked at Merywest or something- she wasn't quite sure, she wasn't from here, so she was relying on dictionaries and luck- and stared at him. Well, I'm evil. Am I supposed to listen to to government or empires or whatever?" She put her helmet on, which was gold and decorated with purple and green gems on the edges like her chest plates and shoes. She grabbed a sword with her hoof, which seemed to have some of the abilities of a hand, and asked, "What am I supposed to do, exactly?" While flying up a few feet.



I am not sure where I am, so I will modify this post as needed.

Reason I took so long: I've actually checked here quite often. I'm just confused what's happening right now, where I am, etc.

@@--Thunder Bolt-- Did I get anything wrong? Are you good or evil?

Oh, FYI, yes, the direct translation for Nur Layla is Night Light, technically, I just likes the sound better :P

So I'm just a bit confused, when someone answers this, I'll post more.★★★)

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