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Super SonicGT

Adventure "Harmonic Spectrum" - the Super Rainbow Dash fic

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As part of my goals to make her further widespread, I'm going to post this here. However, please note, as with all fanfics, this fic is not for everyone to read, especially those who think giving somepony a Super form automatically makes them a Mary Sue and/or some other nonsense. So please, don't bring it up in here because it is horribly inaccurate.


I'm aware that the prose has some flaws in it, btw, and I will fix them later. But for now, please enjoy the fic and if you have any critiques for me, please let me know.




Title: "Harmonic Spectrum"

Author: Super Klonoa

Summary: The Elements of Harmony. The most powerful magic in all of Equestria...


For two times now, they have been wielded by six individual ponies, bound together by the Magic of Friendship, to successfully counter the wicked and chaotic ambitions of those who sought to conquer the world.


Yet, for all their usefulness, these magical artifacts still remain a mystery to most of ponykind. Perhaps the most important question is, was it really the full potential of them that was displayed by the wielders? Or is there simply more than what meets the eye?


When Rainbow Dash recieves an updated version of the book focusing on the Elements of Harmony and reads its new chapter that tells of a special incident that supposedly happened eons ago, soon, a series of events happen afterward. Events which ultimately culminate in Rainbow Dash discovering her true destiny, as well as discovering what she really holds inside in her very own soul...


The link to the fic:

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