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Roleplay: Equestria Underground

Vinyl Rave

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Welcome to the city of Terria. Where outcasts of the over world are kept. The shadows hide a great force. A force planning to overthrow the snobs and guards that acted upon disgust for there liking of the darkness. These ponies were cast out by celestia into the darkness. They grew strong in the dark. Warriors were born and an army was formed.


There are guns, cars, technology, etc.

No god modding/ Mary sue

No higher forms of magic


Swearing is allowed but should be kept PG-13 Still can say F*ck. Don't say it too much

Two sides: Royals, Underground


Sign up example:


Character name: Burn Riot

Species: Pegasus

Gender: male

Age: 26

Side: underground

Description: (or picture) dark red, grey eyes, scar on face, tattoos down front legs

Weapons: Duel P90s, M16, butterfly knife





Vinyl Rave: Burn Riot





Have fun!

Burn Riot was laid out on his bed. It was 430 in the morning. Burn Riot still could hear the rush of luxury cars on the free way above his head. For 17 years Burn Riot had been down here and it was just now comforting him. The underground is a rough place, usually there are robbers and muggers out to get you. This morning was "different". For once Riot felt happy he was down here. Of Course there was delicious food and nice cars up there, but Riot didn't care. Plus today was special. Today Burn Riot was going to go up to the main level. He was going to find out if any of the fake guards had blown there cover, and if he could get any info off of them.

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