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Smart Phones being the new Credit/Debt card?


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You know the whole roar over the new smart phone technique of touching two smart phones to share information? 




Why not apply that idea to transfer of credit-card information(encrypted of course) to buy items instead of having a load of credit cards and gift cards? I mean it would save space. I do design smartphone apps(and PC software). The app would store all of your cards' information on the smart phone(encrypted), where stores would also have their own smartphone systems that you could just use your smart phone as your cards. You could store up to a certain amount of cards on the smartphone, that way you don't have to carry them all over the place and lose them all the time.


Unless the idea already exists, I am going to start making a test app for it. Just wanted to know how everyone thought of it(and if it already exists, just tell me).

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Ah yes, NFC? I've used that a few times with my phone to transfer contacts with one of my irl friends' phone and photos with my tablet, dunno if I can make NFC payments though. Would be cool though, I could finally get rid of my PayPal card and my gift cards and just simply tap my phone against something to make the payment instead.

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Turns out that Google already has made an app called Google Wallet. Well, my dreams have been crushed... sad.png There goes something that could have made some influence on society...

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Smart Phones are one of the most stolen things than the actual credit card. It's almost going to be a bad idea if it happen.

I still hope it won't happen. So good luck technology

Credit cards aren't stolen as often because people keep them safer than smartphones. People will just say "I can just replace it".

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