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Request Herp a Sig

Toon Richard

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Request Sheet:


Name/text: Natalie, a Healer and powerful spellcaster. Size and font up to you.



Pony(s): img-1876821-1-NTLMs0e.png (Thats Me in Pony form) 

Background: What should the background depict/look like?

It should feature a slime or a bush hanging by SCC:

img-1876821-2-ousm.png(Slime) img-1876821-3-ztqNg1Z.png (Bush)

Size: Standard 600x100.


Other: Include one staff in the background from this, And a staff in orange glow.

picture: img-1876821-4-staves_3_by_kupo707-d32yzo

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I will do this. Although, if anypony else is reading this than feel free to do it for practice (as I am my self) and the best can be chosen from all of those.


Also, it will be in vector format.

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I'll make it as awesome as I can, but I will warn you that I will probably do something a bit different in the background. The reason being that if I did it how you said, there would be the issue of awkward shading (I.E. having the standard pony in the foreground and a more realistically shaded bunch in the background).

I did get that you want it to be a forest-y scene from the type of monsters and there will be an awesome looking staff. That's what I have so far, and I'll probably start working on it tomorrow and try to have it up by the end of the week.

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Progress report: I've been working on it for the last 3 hours now that I have everything ready, and am almost done. All that's left is the staff (probably going to be using basic oaken for simplicity's sake, and the magic aura around the horn and staff.

Here's a preview of what I have done so far


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