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Does Applejack have a secret crush on Spike?


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As much as I am into Sparity, I'm beginning to wonder if Applejack holds a secret crush for him.

Not in ways ship fics portray. Its more that she would be to embarrassed to say that she liked him so she hides it.


Not that I really want this to be canon.


I've just been re-watching some of the episodes and it just struck me as odd of her reactions when Spike is the subject of conversation.


I know there's the whole "Spike at your service" episode but its in other episodes as well.


Too many for me to list. Just go back and watch these two together and just pay attention to some of her knee jerk reactions.


But then I could be reading too far into it but none of the other ponies do it... not even Rarity

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I don't go too far to say that Applejack has a secret crush on Spike, but there are some questions that could rise on that. Rarity doesn't really notice his love, so we could say that.

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I don't know about a crush, but I think I know what you mean. I always figured AJ was quite fond of Spike and that she appreciated him on a level not all the others do. That's just the impression I get. We're probably seeing a lot of the same things.


And Rarity doesn't overtly acknowledge his love for her, but she totally knows.




Sincerely, I doubt it. It's just that these two doesn't fit together, psychology stuff. And I've never seen any weird reactions from Applejack. o_O


Watch for it :) She "d'awwwws" over Spike on more than one occasion when the others don't seem to notice he's being adorable. The cartoon doesn't generally draw attention to it, you just have to watch her expression when Spike does something d'awww worthy.

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I think it would be better if you gave examples of what you meant, because I honestly have no idea what you're going on about TC.



The only things I've notices are the following:


ep. 3:  - Spike manages to get away with throwing out decent looking apples from the ones already collected as AJ is nearby.

           - Only Applejack notices Spike's fake gagging and is offended by it.

           - She waited up on Spike as he got his ticket


ep 15:  - Traveling to get Fluttershy, Applejack's conversation with Spike is rather awkward for some reason.


ep: 19: - the famous almost kiss

            - AJ is the first to try to save Spike from being pulled into the hole


ep 21:  - AJ was mystery absent during the night train ride. She presumably stuck with Bloomberg, but when Spike snuck in to sleep AJ was gone. Where was she as Spike slept?

            - When Spike returns after being kidnapped, A.J (and not Twilight) is the one who rushes to him


ep 26:  - AJ gets up to let Spike into the changing room where as Rarity refuses


Season 2, ep. 2: - When Spike asked what's happened to every pony, it's discord, liar A.J that answers with "I guess you just bring out the worst in us, Spike." So was she lying?


Season 2, ep. 10: -  A.J's gift to Spike is the biggest.                          

                             - Spike hugs and thanks her 15 times as it was apparent something he really needed.

                             -  A.J was the first one called by Twilight to save/stop Spike, not Rainbow Dash(the speedster) or Fluttershy(the one good with animals and the pony that stopped a full grown dragon before).


Season 2, ep. 21: - Spike takes the blanket that A.J gave him for his birthday with him on his journey and uses it.


Season 3, ep. 8: - Spike is one of the friends Applejack calls on for help, while Twilight--who stays under the same roof as Spike--isn't called.


Season 3, ep 9: - Applejack actually worries about the dragon getting hurt doing tasks for her (expresses this to Rainbow Dash).

                          - A.J states earlier on that she just plain won't take advantage of Spike. A sentiment not returned by Rarity or Rainbow Dash. 

                          - While AJ has exploded on others for less. She pretty much lets Spike bug the heck out of her for an entire episode without once getting mad at him--despite him destroys her kitchen twice.

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Yes and no.  There may be something, but ultimately I think it's just that she and Spike are closer friends.  Maybe, she respects him because he's so hard working.

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I would like to present my evidence!



Case A:



I'd have to say that the wink sure was something. wink.png Also, I'd have to agree with @@A Talking Dragon, because he had some fine points.


She took that amazingly well LOL.  you know Aj's character could use a new look.  a new dimension.


Lets suppose twilight became to busy for spike, AJ ends up becoming his "New big sister."

Anyone apposed to that?

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Well as far as I can say the shipping of Rarity X Spike is canon but seriously, I doubt she doesn't. Applejack doesn't have time for love interest, she's busy, busy, busy. tongue.png

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Spike is underage, therefor she would not have a crush on him. Unless it's a morally depraved version of herself from another universe.


Plus Applejack may be a traditionalist, so she many only want a stallion. Who knows though really, she may be open minded to xenophilia, but not until Spike is of age.

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Like I said, its not like in a shipfic/romantic way. So maybe crush is too strong a word


I just get the impression that she likes the attention he gives her more then she's willing to admitt.

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I think that saying Applejack x Spike being a potentially cannon shipping is kinda pushing it and overlooking things. The most I could really say is that they may have a unique friendship that differs from Spike's friendship with the rest of the mane six.


After watching that episide, "Spike at Your Service", I'd say that Applejack sees Spike as kinda like a little brother and that he probably sees Applejack as a sister. At least that's what I think. :P


Overall, I definitely don't think that ship is ever gonna become cannon. There's just a good number of factors in which such a relationship between them simply wouldn't work out.


Some of the most obvious being the huge age difference. Another one being that Spike is obviously a dragon and I'm not sure how Applejack would feel about dating someone of not her own species.


You may also want to consider that Applejack may not even want a relationship. She's always so busy and she greatly values her hard workmanship. I don't that she wouldn't want into all that dating and lovey dovey stuff anytime soon, if not ever. :P

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I have given thought to the all of the seemingly random instances of AJ/Spike moments. I'd actually think the writers were trying to start something if t wasn't stated that "Spike At Your Service" was supposed to be a Rarity episode up until the last minute.

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I still say its a minor possibility.


If Spike at your service WAS a Rarity, I don't think she would have stopped using him until the others made her stop.


Which actually in my opinion would have made a better episode.


But I digress


As I've said, its those knee jerk/embarrassment reactions she gives.


The first one that I can point too (and ya'll know this one too well) was in Dog and Pony Show where he damn near kissed her. Just watch her reaction.


First off, why was she standing next to him that close as compared to the others.


Second, after her initial weird "Huh awkward" look

And said "wooh there lover boy" then she smiles like she actually like it.


Now I know, I'm reading way too far into the way the animation was made, its not perfect.


But there has been several other moments, not like this but makes the same reaction out of Applejack.



This is just the impression I get. I honestly don't think it means anything, but my gut reaction is that it's enough for me to bring the matter up.

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Spikey wikey is more into Rarity than applejack and i dont really think it could happen... id like to think spike is the same age as the CMC  and they are maybe like 7-10 while the mane six are probably 18+ because rarity runs the own buisness dammit and they live alone (except applejack but she pretty much owns sweet apple acres).

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Just because a character shows care towards another particular character at a moment in time doesn't mean they have a secret crush on them. I would just say that because Spike's younger and is Twilight's assistant that the Mane 6 would show care towards him in their own way. And we saw AJ's particular way on that episode.

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Nopony has a crush on Spike. It would be like an 18 year old girl having a crush on one of her friend's 13 year old brother. The closest would be Rarity, and even then Rarity just sees Spike as a very good friend while Spike has a little dragon crush on her.

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Applejack liking Spike? Come on, man.

She like to mess around with him a lot, but that doesn't means she has a crush on him. If you see something that seems like that, then also watch for the joking around afterwards. Think of the "Whoa there, lover boy" thing. She is messing with him because she knows he likes Rarity and is day-dreaming about her.

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No, sorry but no.


I for one love applejack... and she is good looking... anyway as for spike loving her.. cant see it...

As for liking her as a good friend? yes..


But love no sorry man, it is a good idea!

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Hehe. Well personally I think you guys are just over-analyzing things (as bronies are so good at). I doubt that Applejack would be into Spike :P (Well at least I do not think the writers have thought Spike as Applejack's crush)


But your examples sure are interesting to read :)

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