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Request Need artist for Epic Villain Drawing


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Okay here's the thing... i've really wanted to create a villain for my fanfic ((link in the signature below)). I can't reveal much about her, all i can say is that her name is Metis and the cutie mark after which the rest of her appearance is themed after resembles the Baldur's Gate 2:Shadows of Amn logo.
Like this but ponies and in an "S" form. The "Good form" probably with brown/golden hair, blue eyes and white skin, while the "evil form" has White/silver hair with grey/black skin and red eyes. Thing is i can't really pay... and i know this sucks because i'm asking much. Anyways... i don't know if someone out there is interested... if you are... well let us talk about it. It will REALLY help my fanfic advance...

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