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Hello from across the Sea!


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Hello all!


I'm 27 and from the UK. I was actually looking on google for friendship sites when this forum popped up, i'm a fan of the show (abit late, got in about 3 eps from the end of season3) and thought "Why not?".


While i mosty watch the show and read the comics, I've never really taked to about the show itself as most know it doesn't air over here on the TV (and yet the equestria girls toys do. weird move Hasbro) so i'm not armed with headcannons or anything :)


While it was mostly the antics of Rainbow Dash that got me into the show, i actually relate to Fluttershy as I've recently started having Anxiety attacks and can understand how much harder that makes socialing with people even when you really want to.


Hope to speak with some of you, Wouldn't mind talking to some fellow UK bronies while I'm at it.



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Hello =D, welcome to the forums hope you have a fun time, and believe me...it's never too late to join :), i joined in about the same time as you did, well...theres alot of bronies from europe here (me too :3), so...well also about the anixiety,..we share that in comon aswell...well..have a fun time,..hope you make lots of friends..and it's good to have you..



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Hi there Greenfield and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask me anything if you need help. wink.png

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Hey, man, welcome!

I´m sure you´ll have some fun here, and meet lotsa cool people (from the UK, too xD, I´m german though).

Everyone here is nice and friendly, there are topics about everything nearly, show-related or not, just check everything out.

I can relate more to Pinkie Pie, but hey, I hope you get over your anxiety soon, maybe this site will even help a bit :3.

If you have any questions or problems hit me up, other than that see ya around ;3.

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i mean....

Pleasure to meet you

Enjoy your stay in this magical land of social interactions 

If you need any help all if not most are all willing to help you 


Enjoy yourself(but not to much, i want in on it too)

-Exile Phoenix

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Oh hey, welcome! I hope that you enjoy your time here c:


This is a pretty big forum, so I'm sure that you'll find plenty of friends soon. Maybe even some that live in the UK!


Best of luck! :3

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