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I am going to try to attempt this, I sort of have before but not really. Apparently I thought of an idea of lucid dreaming to ponyville. If you don't know what a lucid dream is, it is a dream where you know you're dreaming and you can do what ever you please. One guy I know online said that he actually lucid dreamed to ponyville and had picnic with rarity and PinkiePie. I already know that you should stimulate your brain in someway while making your body tired. I am going to attempt to lucid dream by staying up for 20 hours, and at hour 15, 16, or 17 I will drink coffee which will stimulate my brain, then since staying up for twenty hours will make my body tired and force it into a rest mode. However the coffee will force my brain into a conscious mode, and wallah lucid dream because my body would be asleep and my mind awake. Please note that doing this could cause sleep paralysis which is when you could be consciously trapped dreaming, it sounds fun to me because I would be awake the entire time in ponyville which is about 8 hours, more or less which sounds pretty awesome. If you guys have ever done this can I ask some tips on how you did it because I know that sleeping face up helps to dream?

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You should look up some tips on Google on how to have a lucid dream, alot of them work. I have tried a few and had a few lucid dreams though not very fun ones, cause flying a plane is hard as hell and killing all your friends in a plane crash is depressing, I also didn't get a choice in what dream world it was in lol. Good luck though hope you achieve your goal and have better results than my own. tongue.png

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