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Request Can anyone please draw my OCs?


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Here's my main OC's bio Padlock Key's http://grim-grief.deviantart.com/art/Padlock-Keys-bio-359978502


The purple OC is just a random one I created, Sugar Song, I didn't know what to do with her so I thought I'd bring her here and see if I could get any artwork for her and make her into something more interesting. So what do you think of my OCs? 


Padlock and Apple Tea are married, I know that Ivory Excellence's talent is sorta generic but hers is about music and such and focuses on her creativity (if anyone were to redraw her I'd prefer to make her cutie-mark a little more shiny looking? You know, add some flare.)


My original plan for Heroic Tea is for him to study with Twilight in PonyVille and he has a baby dragon assistant named Gill, Gill is the opposite of Spike (though changes later on) and she's spoiled and lazy and likes to pickpocket people. Although, she's a prankster and gets respects from Rainbow Dash time to time. (BTW the dragon I picture kinda is supposed to look like Mushu from Mulan)




It's well, in Padlock's bio and I need to write more of it out though, so if anyone is interested in drawing my OC's please do so! 8 D 



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