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Tribute my father, in spite


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It is here and there!

All about the throne, shining bright in emerald colours!

Handing down, hand in hand to the potential nuisance of the later day

In dreams of contemplative silence by which I drink my thoughts away

And in the stalls of refuse and litter that shower my skin, to help me realize

That all in the same of being created and tossed aside lies I, here and now

Sitting upon the mountain singing songs to my father

Buried beneath the stones that guided him from this world, and I praise them!

Heavens collide with fresh air and salt, my head spinning round and round

Whimsical nature in my senses as I drunkenly open my mouth and spit with my tears

Praised be the name of my foot as it walks from the dirt that shall hold me


It is here, all about and translucent to the untrained eye

Forever buried in the sorrows of lamenting men as they cry over bones

Brittle and scathed as they take to their feet in a mournful cry

And praise by that name, in which men die

Forever in this perpetual energy abound by destruction

In the soles of man, and in their souls heavily rested

By mounds of flesh piled. Desecrated my the morals that slew them

Damned be the penny that takes another life


-David Favret

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