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Unintentional Spike/Twilight shipping in Lesson Zero?

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There's something thats been bothering me for a while. Lesson Zero is one of my favorite episodes, but there's one part that seems out of place. Near the end, when Celestia tells Twilight she knew to come because Spike told her. When they're about to write a letter for Celestia Spike awkwardly holds up the stuff, wondering if Twilight is mad at him. She rubs up against him to let him know she's not. That would be very touching, but the sound effect is what throws me off. The little harp chord there is usually used for a ROMANTIC moment, not a touching moment.  For instance, that sound also plays in "spike at your service" when Rarity choses to eat Spikes pie rather than hurt his feelings. Now, Spike loves Rarity, and Rarity more or less has some degree of romantic feelings for him, so that makes sense.



Link for reference from Lesson Zero



Link for reference from Spike at your service


Maybe I don't know everything and that little instrumental chord has been used for simply tender moments instead of romantic ones but I'm just curious.

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That's if their moment in Lesson Zero was portrayed as a romantic moment. I don't know about it being a shipping though, but maybe it's just a heartwarming moment.

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