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Animation Project (Looking for help)


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 So, hi, i'm here because i need help with this proyect. You see, i'm an animator (who really loves ponies & musicals) and i really want to make a musical fan video. My idea is to make the ponified parody of this song:



My idea it's to make Vynil (as the east witch) and Derpy as the west witch. So it would be awesome to make Vynil singing his wuby version of the song.


Now, i'm pretty good at editing, animating, illustrating and storyboarding but as you can deduce at this point, i'm not a singer, composer or musician... I dont even know how to play guitar. So i came here looking for help and ideas for other proyects.


and.... what else i can add?...Oh, wait!




Here! its a pic i made of Fluttershy

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Since you seem to be seeking helping in a project, I have moved your thread to the Creative Resources section so that other members can offer their advice and assistance.  I wish you the best of luck with your creative endeavors!


And I love your Fluttershy!

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That would be really awesome! c= 


I will finnish the animatic in about two weeks from now so you can see it and tell me what you think c:

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