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This was posted only hours ago outside Canterlot Palace, Ponyville Town Hall, and Cloudsdale's Cloud Palace:


To all whom may read this message:

Darkest Star cordially invites you to attend the Maze Tournament, a battle royale to the death.

Attendees will be put through The Maze, a private arena custom built by the world famous architect Archos Medomai.


Locations: There is one Maze in each main canon city, to a grand total of five. The first Maze in the catacombs of Canterlot Castle (see the conclusion to Season 2.) The second is in the Everfree Forest, closer to Ghastly Gorge than Ponyville. The third is inside a decrepit building next to the Rio Casino in Las Pegasus. The fourth Maze is in the Badlands, near where the dragons land during their migration. And finally, the fifth maze is in Cloudsdale, in a unused section of the Rainbow Factory.


Max Amount of Attendees: 10, in a tourney style match


Ponies invited: Pegasi are recommended, however, unicorns and Earth Ponies may join.


Note: We also need Technicians to assist Archos in changing the maze at random times. 5 technicians needed


Attendance List:

1. Frost Burn


















May the games begin.

Embrace the night,

Darkest Star


Ok, so welcome to my RP! To summarize the above, all OC's involved will be in a tournament to the death. To state the obvious, you do not need to delete your character if you lose. The winner of the entire tournament shall be rewarded (through RP methods, not actually.)

Ponies involved-


Participants: These are the OC's that will be actually competing. The Mazes are built in similarity to Daedalus's Labyrinth, where technicians (see below) will randomly change sections of the map, either to help or to hurt the ponies in the arena. After each match, the map resets. Participants are to RP to the death. PLEASE ALWAYS TRACK YOUR LOCATION IN EACH MAZE. All kinds of OC's are invited (Alicorn's being the exception, I don't want overpowered characters involved.) IMPORTANT: ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE ACTIVE AT LEAST TWICE A DAY, THERE ARE MULTIPLE ARENAS INVOLVED


Technicians: These are the characters that can, and will, make changes to the maps. Each Technician will be assigned to a Maze, and the Maze layouts will be published later on. Technicians are required to help participants track their locations in said maps, and MUST BE ACTIVE AT LEAST ONCE A DAY to make random changes to their assigned Maze. Possibly more if the participants in their assigned match also are more active. Again, all types of ponies are included, alicorns as well (they can overwatch the match, and use magic to activate traps and other instances.) Technicians can also put a random item of their choice in the center of the map three times per game. However, the traps surrounding said item must vary depending on item's value.




1. Track your location in maze (ask technician for help if you get lost)

2. No clop. No exceptions.

3. Even though this is a violent tourney, try to keep description of blood and gore to a minimum.

4. Technicians must participate at least once a day, possibly more if participants in the technicians in the assigned maze are more active.

5. Participants must be active at least twice a day.

6. Technicians may give three random gifts per match, but they cannot be overpowered and must be surrounded by traps.

7. Any traps set by technicians MAY NOT kill or severely wound participants.

8. Technicians cannot favor one participant over another; all traps and variations to each mach must be equal in value.

9. Participants may bring weapons and armor, HOWEVER, must PM me (Darkest Star) with the item's details, and the item must be privately approved AFTER I add the participant(s) to the list above.

10. Try to keep character swearing to a minimum.

11. Participants must stick to their assigned Maze.


If anybody involved in this RP breaks the rules, they will be asked to withdraw from the RP. Rule #10 is an exception, where users will receive three warnings, and then asked to withdraw.


Technicians are asked to make a blueprint of their Maze and PM them to me for further editing.


As soon as we have the slots filled and all five Mazes are complete, the RP begins. I ask that your first post is a description of how your OC encountered the poster at the top of this post, and the second is a description of their arrival to the location of their Maze.


If interested, please leave a description of your OC below, and state whether they are a participant or technician. Technicians: Start working on your Mazes as soon as you see your name on the Technicians list above. Participants: Send me item details as soon as you see your name on the Participants list above.


Prepare yourselves. The RP prep begins...NOW

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