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How to make an OC - Building a Character and RP basics


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If I may that is, to post some kind of a guide on how to build a character. Is that okay, moderators... administrators? :)


Okay, here goes.


The basic to building a character is not as simple as it looks or sounds, you just don't throw them in to the virtual fictional world. You need to give them a chance to exist like us, because that's my aim on making a character, so that I could gain that certain authenticity over my characters.


1. Define you character's origin; the first thing that you need to fill in, where does he/she come from. You must make your character exist somewhere in the fictional dimension. 

2. Where, who, what, when, why, and how. Education, workplace, school, profession. Conflict, dilemma, choices, memories, past, purpose, talent; Just brain storm them out. Those are the information that you will need. This one determines your plot and brings out your character's characteristics in RP. 

3. Think creatively; you know what I mean, spill out those ideas from your brain, either it's a common idea or an unusual one... it doesn't matter, just pour it all out. But don't be too creative, keep in mind that there are boundaries. 

4. Start with an pattern; basic patterns for your character; what will he/she be, an antagonist, protagonist, anti-hero, tragic hero, a femme fatale, etc

5. Add specific characteristics; how old, what gender, the trait or feature of your character, draw them out in words or real drawing based on your desired outcome.

6. Character's personality; I trust that you've already know that

7. Purpose or goal; ... simply cutey mark. Since this is a guide for pony OCs

8. Attitude; the most important thing to have, the element that gives your character a fleshy state, but it also relies on the someone else's perception over your character. Don't put in a conflicting attitude, for example, your character is merciless but he/she is determined to help a helpless child trapped inside a burning building... this ultimately makes the reader/audience to rethink your character.

9. Character quirks; good habits, bad habits, something that differentiates your character from other, like rubbing you hand/hoof every time your character speaks, giving a smart ass statement when it comes on facing a problem, speaketh in Old English.

10. Where does he/she lives; does he/she have a pet at home, this one element let's your character to appear more authentic in the ways of having a real-fictional house of their own - but it's optional thought, depending how is the plot.

11. Fears, weakness, motivation, secrets; gives a more realistic thought for your character.

12. Symbolic archetypes; this defines your character in their traits, something like, A stone building are solid and resistant to change, a tongue doesn't have a bone but the words that it produced could be harmful, certain objects in life could help you with this.


RP basics, I trust some of you do play World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG that have an RP written in it with it's own lore.


1. Know your place; what will you being doing, what is your part in all of an RP that you're taking, character mastery is needed here, it served a purpose of giving a realism to your character that you've just made.

2. Just go with the flow; every RP has a purpose and you need to keep in mind in that it's not only you but there are a lot of people in one RP, don't suddenly add in something that is not there before, so if you have an idea, ask someone else from that RP first for permission, after they agree with it, then you an put it in.

3. Prevent Lore Breaking; like I've said before, you need to know the boundaries... of course an RP has it's own plot but the RP you're having here in this forums is about My Little Pony which it has it own lore. Don't do a lore breaking like for example, "Hey, I'm Applejack's long lost cousin" said Appleseed or stuff like that, there is a probability that it would cause some bitterness in other RPers cause I've been there, seen it, and done t myself. Honestly, I think that is really cute, having a relation with the main characters, but don't make the relationship too close or too directly, if you say it like, "I've met Twilight Sparkle while I doing a research on my next book." that would be nicer and more decent. Main characters tend to be the side characters when it comes to RPing because the main characters are the OCs.

4. Playing as one of the main character from the Lore; a mastery over the certain character that you wish to play as is a must, or it would result in a lore breaking as well.

5. Stay In character

6. Be nice; if you come across with someone that is new to RP, don't deny them if they want to join your RP, give them a chance, help them out. 


I guess that's it... this is my personal guide. I've put in everything I know and what I've studied from school and RPing on SWTOR. And if I'm wrong, please notify me, leave a comment so I could rectify my mistakes.

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