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Another portrait of Fluttershy


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I for some reason drew fluttershy again, i wanted to draw Twilight but ended up making fluttershy but whatever here you  go. *i rushed badly on the hair >_> *


Hope you like it please reply and scale from 1/10 ;) I didn't really try on this one kinda fudged it ^_^ especially on the hair...


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Because why not Fluttershy?  I have had that happen to me several times, where I am set to draw one thing but the end result is something completely different.


Anyway, this is quite a nice piece here and you should be quite proud of it, as it does look quite like the show's aesthetics.  Plus, I am always a sucker for art in traditional medias.  A few things to consider next time though: be aware of making sure the features line up correctly.  Currently, the irises are a bit off, as one is lower than the other and it ultimately could throw off the expression.  You said you rushed on the hair, so I will withhold comment on this one.  It is certainly not bad (better than I can accomplish at times) but I do see some points for improvement.


Keep it up and I do hope to see more from you soon!

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