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What creepypasta would you tell to ponies in the Nightmare Night?


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In the month of terror both terror stories and creepypastas are welcome. But let's just focus in creepypastas


Let's suppose it's Nightmare Night, one in which ponies and humans are having fun together, and you are one of the people present there. If you were called to the scenario to tell a creepypasta, what would you consider the most terrorific one for telling?


What creepypasta would you consider the most appropriate for scaring ponies for days or even weeks?

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Well, I think It would be The Rake. Why? He is a creepy character with dangerous claws and weird behavior, he likes to go inside a house, whisper to the adults while they dream and then kill their children. I can see Applebloom shaking while Rainbow Dash tells this story lol  but yeah, the Rake attacks mostly on rural locations or lonely houses. Imagine this monster entering the Sweet Apple Acres, it would be horrifying.


However, I would choose Candle Cove or the Smile Dog, those creepypastas scared the living shit out of me. Especially the goddamn dog, I can't even look at his picture (not the red one, that's creepy but not scary). The problem is: Equestria doesn't have TV nor Internet, so this stories would be impossible to believe (for them). Unless the Smile Dog picture goes from hoof to hoof, something like that.

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I feel like the tale of Spongebob Squarepants "Red Mist" aka Squidward's Suicide would probably be my choice or LTS (Lavander Town Syndrome). Though I would probably choose the former cause when I first read it, I won't lie it creeped me out and I have seen fan made videos of them but it's an incredibly well done creepypasta. Almost up there with BEN DROWNED, almost. 


The latter is also good as it does have a couple of true elements such as the soundtrack being changed for unknown reasons not given by the developers of Pokemon Red/Green (Original, not FireRed and Leaf Green) which supposedly feeds into the story very well. Either way both are incredibly good creepypastas.

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