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Open The Return of King Sombra

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This is open to anyone that wants to join. The setting starts in Canterlot. When you start your convo please in box tell where the setting as not to contuse new comers :] 


Basic RP rules. 


If you go +18 no more then we banged.


Drugs are fine.


Do not kill anyone with out that persons permission.


And no god modding! I haven't seen it yet but it sounds too OP! img-1924480-1-laugh.png


I would rather you talk in third person, but if your not into that do what's best for you :]


One last thing have fun everypony img-1924480-2-biggrin.png



Game design felt weak. He couldn't move and nothing but darkness surrounded him. 


"H-hello.." He called.


"Is anypony here?"


He look and waited for a response, but no one replied. He turned to so a light colored purple unicorn standing quite a distance form him.


"Tw-twilight?" he whispered. He took a step towards her now being able to move. 


"Save me.." Twilight muttered 


"Save me, Game.."


Game began a fast trot. 


"I will just hold on!" Game demanded as he began to gallop to her. But when he got a few steps from her a deep whole opened from under her and she fell with a high pitched curtailing scream.


"NO!" Game yelled in a frantic state. 


"You cant save her." A voice from above informed.


Game slowly rose his head to see Green eyes with red pupils, and purple smoke eroding from them.


"You cant save anyone." The shadow said again, It smiled with large sharp teeth and lunged it's self at Game Design.


"AHHH!" Game design yelled as he sat up in his bed. He looked around and realized that he was back in his home in Canterlot. He looked down to see twilight sleeping next to him he let out a sigh to know she was there and that he hadn't woken her up. He gave her a nuzzle and walked slowly out their door. I don't think i can go back to sleep after that. He thought so he just walked to the central Plaza of the Canterlot Castle. He sat on his haunches and gazed at the fountain in front of him.


"It cant be, he was banished." He said aloud. He sighed and lowered his head. 

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Ares grinned, he was teaching his sister Aphrodite magic, with the watch of their father...

His element of Necromancy glowed darker as a cold sense of Shadows around both of them...

Aphrodite didn't feel the mysterious shadows, she was busy trying to take the dust off her fur..

"Why can't we do it in the sky?" She asked.

"Because, I can't fly remember" Ares responded.

Aphrodite nodded. She finally caught the sense.. "Ares, do you fell that?" 

Ares didn't move, his eyes became cat-like. She sighed, Shinning Armor came up to them, "He's back, why in Canterlot?"

Aphrodite sighed again, "Who?"

"Can't say, wait He already controlled..."

"With that necklace that he's wearing?"

"It's an element of Disharmony any pony evil enough can control him with it"

"What! So what about.." Aphrodite asked

"We can't talk now, go to the Castle,Aphrodite, I'll bring Ares" Shinning Armor told her, She flew back to the castle, Shinnging Armor shoke him out of the trance. "Come with me Ares"

Ares followed, his dark side showing, "I'll ask Celestria if we can have your element of Harmony"

Ares nodded.


     Back at the castle Celestria looked at Ares, "He's fine"

Ares got up and grinned, He  looked outside..."Shadows, I saw green eyes with red pupils smoke was coming out of both"

Princess Cadance came up behind him, "What color was the smoke?" She asked.

"Purple" He responded.

"Ares, Aphrodite, go to bed" Cadance told them.

Ares went to sleep mind full of what happened,  a shadow spoke to him, "Your evilness Ares, you can't save your aunt, Maybe your sister can.... Join me Ares"

 Something gripped his necklace, then the voice came "JOIN ME!"

 He surpringly said, "Sure..."

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Fawn galloped down the dark alleys of Canterlot, a necklace- engraved with jade in the shape of a heart- rested upon her neck. Screams of a mare would start and stop as mysteriously as they began. Fawn knew those screams, and she knew she had to get there quickly. Her gallop quickened as she turned sudden corners, sometimes running into a pile of wooden boxes. She entered a plaza. Her heart racing. As the screams just stopped... All she could hear now was the flowers in there pots, swaying in the wind. "Ruby! Where are you?" Fawn screamed, her voice echoing across the plaza. her head whipped back and forth, trying to figure out where the screams came from, but then the sound of water filled her mind.... She looked at the middle of the plaza to see a beautiful fountain. She became very confused knowing there was not a fountain there when she came. But that wasn't all that changed, it seemed the space around her turned into a giant ball room. It seemed to resemble the one her friend described she went to the Grand Gala two years ago. Fawn started to feel something grow along her coat. She looked down at herself to see that a black dress appeared, and a matching tiara was placed on her head. Many emeralds and rubies adorned the dress. And her necklace disappeared! Fawn started to panic, she didn't want to start running all over the place to find it. She knew that would draw unwanted attention to herself. And her record of stealing wouldn't help her one bit. She took a deep breath and decided to look at her crown. She then realized why the necklace disappeared... The jet black tiara's main jewel was her jade heart. "Fawn..." said a low, male voice. "Fawn..." it said her name again, but his voice a little louder. "Fawn..." it said one last time. This time Fawn could hear him perfectly. "What do you want? Who are you? Where is my sister!" Fawn started to asked. "Your sister ruby? She is safe.... I just had to put a invisibility spell on her for you to think she was missing..." "S-so she is still back home?" "Safe and sound..." a shadow appeared in front of Fawn, taking on the form of a unicorn. The unicorns horn was bent forward, with red at the end. He had a grey coat, and a ebony black following mane. "Who are you?" Fawn asked taking a step forward. "My name is not needed to be known at this point." She said in a very calm and kind of charming voice. "All you need to do is hear my offer..." "A-and that would be?" her voice kind of choking in fear. For what ever reason, she seemed afraid of this unicorn. "Your necklace has very...special powers. One such power that would give you your flight back and grant you the magic of a unicorn. I am here to offer you a place in my kingdom. One where you wouldn't need to steal your meal every day, to allow you too galas like this," He paused, raising his hoof and pointing to the crowd. "One such power to allow you to defeat Celestia and Luna. If trained in such a way no one would be able to stop you. If you join me you would be ​unstoppable!" He stopped, and a silence filled the air. It even seemed the ponies participating at the gala stopped, but payed to attention to Fawn or the 'shadow unicorn.' "So?" he finally asked, his hoof tapping on the ground in a nervous manner. "What if I don't join you?" Fawn asked in reply. He just grinned. "You would be destroyed with the rest of equestria....and so would your family....so I asked again, will you join me?" Fawn thought for many moments. "And if i say yes, will my family be safe as well?" He nodded, his smile growing wider at knowing her answer. "Ok." Fawn said finally. "Now who are you?" His smile faded. He finally made eye contact with me. His eyes a light green with lavender smoke rising from them. "My name is Sombra..."

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