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  1. 1. Were these dramatic cues necesssary?

    • Yes, they make the whole episode better.
    • No, I say the episode is fine without them.
    • Meh, I don't really care.

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As you watch my experimental edits on "Feeling Pinkie Keen":










You'll notice the dramatic instrumental cues I've added to try to put Twilight in a more sympathetic light. Now I ask, were these cues really necessary? I await your votes.


P.S. In case you're wondering where I placed the cues, if you watch the first two (the second one with cues turned up a tad louder), they're at 5:40, 9:49, and 11:03. If you watch the third and fourth ones (The fourth one with the cues turned up, again), you'll find an extra cue at 7:36. Again, I await your votes.

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