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Hi from a new Pegasus


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Hi EveryPony.


Just want to introduce myself quickly, I'm StormBlaze ^^ I dont really have much to say as I never have liked being the New Kid, but DatLadeeKaze linked me here over on facebook so I thought id say Hi.


Umm well lets see,

Im a furry artist who also draws a lot of Ponies and Pokemon you can have a look here:




I will put up a proper art thread soon, but feel free to look now ^^

I put a little Bio about StormBlaze on my profile here as well, which shall be updated when its not so late for me, i get tired a lot v.v


See ya around EveryPony.


Oh yeh, P.S. My car has Rainbow Dash Cutie Marks on it, which I shall post soon =3

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