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Ponylicious songs!


So this idea came to me during an exam and it's been stuck in the back of my mind. I always remembered it until I went onto MLP Forums. At that point, I'd forget. Typical.




Take your name or your OC's name and slap them into this style of song, originally sung by Tara Strong in the link below. Many variants have been done but I can't be asked to link them.




To quote DJ PON-3's song, Vinylicious,,


I'm the D to the J to the P - O - N - 3

And ain't no other pony drop the bass like me

I'm Vinyl licious


Or me..


Musix Note


I'm the M to the U to the S - I - X

I'm the greatest pony at having se- *slap*


I'm the M to the U - S - I - X - N - O - T - E

And ain't no other pony make dubstep like me

I'm Musixlicious~





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As my status once said:

I'm the P I to the N K I E D A S H Y, and this rhyme is just so awesome I bet you "bronies" wanna cry!

I'm Bonesie-licious~

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Screw you guys, I'm gonna do one for me real name


I'm the J to the A all the way to the K

My name is so short but i'll sing this anyway~

I'm Robbolicous!

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