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Hi I'm new


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Hi there. If you want to add me feel free. my OC's name is.... guess what... lucid dream

have fun in the nicest forum on the planet

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Sleepy is the one we see

Welcoming us to this new brony

Remember though to watch the twists

For Celestia's guards have us all on lists


Seek out the ones who chaos spreads

For we are not those who seek to cause dread

We only want fun and laughs

As chaos is such a gas...


So I take the time to welcome Sleepy

Remember to join...


The Nega Bronies...

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Hi there, PajamaNap. I'll need to think of a nickname for you. Nappy? Nah, that sounds terrible. Maybe just PJ? Eh, I'll work on it.



Anyway, I'm Artemis. Welcome to our little corner of the fandom. Good to have you. Lots to see and do here, so jump in wherever you please. Give me a holler if there's anything you need. :)

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