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Music Chinese Food


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I thought this thread was going to be about Chinese food, which is pretty tasty. Anyways the video is piece of trash, and the people who made it probably (hopefully) know that it just outright sucks. They probably just want attention, and they want their video to be the next "friday". 

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Well the song is terrible, no doubt about it. I couldn't even sit through 15 seconds of it. On a slightly related note, I'm craving some Chinese food right now. Orange chicken is frickin' delicious.

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I first heard of the song through this video by Hitlerrantsparodies. Basically sums up my view as the music blared in the background.



It's honestly a huge assault to Chinese people like me. They're fully ignorant of what really is Chinese food... Why didn't they mention dim sum and Peking duck? They're Chinese foods too! 

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