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Dear Everypony


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Hi guys and dolls, I just joined the Poniverse and am excited to get to know you all! I'm from Montana and have grown up with ponies all around! I've been collecting Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash figures and plushies for years due to my love for the show and their color schemes that represent the bisexual community (Twilight) and gay community (Rainbow). I did this all before I even knew about bronies! I thought I was the only one! Anyway, I'm a nice, kind, respectful and accepting guy looking to make friends with anypony and everypony! Warmest of greetings to all the fellow MLP fans out there!

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Welcome! I agree with  Midnight Scribbler when he says it is a positive atmosphere. if you need a friend you got one right here. if you have any questions or just want ta talk about anything feel free to ask. c:

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Thanks Midnight and Jericho! I feel very welcome right off the bat thanks to you two! Gonna start surfing the other forums and meet all the other MLP fans...but I'll always remember you two for being the first to welcome me so warmly :) cheers!

Right on RD!!!! And thanks for all the love Nomiki! So happy to meet you two as well!!

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