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Movies/TV The Great And Slow Paced Drama Thread!


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Yes, I felt like making a thread like this.

I have a sincere love for slow paced drama movies, and not just any kind of movie either. I thought I would be happy to see just any french drama, or any high rated slow paced drama on imdb, but I was wrong, after watching ½ the movie of two movies that had very high rating, I was extremely bored by the plot and the theme of the movie.

Today, I plan to watch "Smultronstället" by Ingemar Bergman, a very old movie, made by a very famous Swedish director (I'm swedish aswell, I've heard lots of things about his movies, mostly them being very slow and boring).

Delicatessen, Amour, and Seraphiné are the only ones that come to my mind, when I think about slow paced, amazing, drama movies.

Is there anypony out there, who share the same love for slow paced drama?

Anypony got any slow paced drama tips/reviews/something? Oh yes, feel free to recommend any directors or something, I really need to make a proper watchlist of slow paced drama movies, just searching for french drama, seems like it failed, even though I probably got a few golden corns in that list, I believe most of it to be trash. (my imdb watchlist, it has about 60 movies in it)

Mind you, this movie is amazing. If you haven't watched it, go watch it. My entire family disliked it, my brother fell asleep while watching it, and the rest was just bored. I was fully awake, and innerly amazed and spiritually moved, by this movie. I might be exadurating, but this is after all, a drama movie, and a drama thread.
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